About His Whole House

A Place for Healing

What does it mean to be part of His Whole House?

Ephesians 2:22-23 [NIV] “…in whom the whole building, being fitly joined together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord. In whom you also are being built together for a habitation of God in the Spirit”


Welcome to “His Whole House”

All of us are called to be agents of change. How we affect our world depends on our core motives and beliefs. His Whole House has been birthed out of a desire to walk out and demonstrate the ambassadorship and love of God, His righteousness, and justice released to us, His children. This web-site has been designed as a type of “way-station” for those who come to find nourishment and refreshment for the soul, body, and spirit. It is my prayer that His Whole House will be a place where you feel welcome to stop a moment and catch a fresh breath of the Spirit of God for the journey.

His Whole House is committed to bringing biblically based concepts from the word of God and share teachings, preaching, and words of healing expressed in a variety of ways. As we all seek to become physically, emotionally, and spiritually “fit” in our lives, consider the words found in Ezekiel 36:10, “And I [God] will multiple men unto you, the whole house of Israel, even all of it, the cities shall be inhabited and the waste places shall be rebuilt”.

Our ability to become living temples of Christ in the earth is central upon our relationship with Yahweh, the Christ, and with one another. The constructs of our thinking, actions, and beliefs are vital to becoming all that the Lord desires in us. Our hearts and minds must be continually washed by His touch and renewal. We all have ways and beliefs that come from past experience, what we have pursued, and ways which still may find us functioning from a place of woundedness or trauma.

Many have come to discover that though we have professed Christ as Messiah and entered into a re-birth through forgiveness of sins, our foundational ways and motives may still be in need of change. Even the habitation of Christ in us must be surrendered back to His will, to be sorted through, reshaped, torn down, removing damaged parts, so as to be built up in Him as a Holy place that ever expands into more abundant living.

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