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The Many Faces of Family: August 2018

Posted Monday, August 06, 2018


By Guest Author: Claudia

It used to be that during trials and tribulations the puzzling circumstances and unclear future would send me down a dark path of fear and anxiety.  I resented God for not painting a perfectly clear picture of my future, and I used to pray and pray for clarity that would not come.  My journey in prayer ministry has helped me to accept the puzzling circumstances and imperfect views God gives me.  I am not meant to understand fully, and I can rest in God’s hand knowing the uncertainty.  It is a miracle I am able to trust God today.  No matter what I see, no matter how puzzling the circumstances, and no matter how unclear or imperfect everything seems, I am OK with not knowing everything NOW.  1 Corinthians 13:12 states, “Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely.”   I trust God knows me completely, and I know that one day I will see with perfect clarity and rejoice with my Savior. 


The Many Faces of Family - July 2018

Posted Monday, July 02, 2018


By Claudia O.

         Path to Life

This picture illustrates the small gate and narrow path that leads to life.  Matthew 7:14. 

 Since my journey with the Lord began, I’ve been searching for the path that leads to abundant life. However, I couldn’t find it because I was too filled up with pride, anger, and resentment.  In order to protect myself, I created shields and structures which didn’t allow Jesus in to work, fully bless and honor me in life.  I often morphed into other shapes and sizes (the diamond) in order to become what I thought others wanted me to be.   Today through the work in prayer ministry, I am on the trajectory to enter into abundant life and all the Lord has for me.  As you can see now, I am the right shape, about the right size, and have been emptied of the weights that used to hold me captive. The Holy Spirit surrounds me, protects me, and guides me.   I am moving towards the gate.  God has me, and we work together as I move into His promises for my life.

Our New Series: The Many Faces of Family 
Each and every story matters.  We all have a need to be seen, known and welcomed to come and share our part.  Each month, we will share stories and interviews of those who are living out their journey of healing to say, “We believe God can transform our pain into compassion for others.” Join us as we learn more about brothers and sisters, parts of the community of Christ, who share who they are,  where they’ve been, some of the mess, and what it takes to journey home again.


The Many Faces of Family - June 2018

Posted Monday, June 04, 2018


By Claudia O.

This picture reveals the face under the mask, which is disconnected, fragmented, jumbled, and confused.  The mask is what we put on to hide the wounded and disconnected areas of our hearts.  
Through prayer ministry, the Lord faithfully reveals the areas of my heart in need of unmasking.  As I recognize and face the truth about how my sin has created an “alternate-self,” I am able to cry out to Jesus for forgiveness and to welcome His love which leads to healing.  The fruit of allowing Him to enter the fragmented and confused areas of my heart has been worth all the initial pain of letting Him in and releasing it to His care.  
The journey has been so rewarding, as I see and become the resurrected  ”true image” of the woman He created me to be.  No longer wearing the mask, I am able to choose the abundant life.  I am connected, and I am free! 

Our New Series: The Many Faces of Family 
Each and every story matters.  We all have a need to be seen, known and welcomed to come and share our part.  Each month, we will share stories and interviews of those who are living out their journey of healing to say, “We believe God can transform our pain into compassion for others.” Join us as we learn more about brothers and sisters, parts of the community of Christ, who share who they are,  where they’ve been, some of the mess, and what it takes to journey home again.


Remembering Kent Newman

Posted Wednesday, May 23, 2018


We wanted to share a short video celebrating the life of Kent Newman.  He was a man after God's own heart and we will miss him being on the earth with us greatly.  We hope his life inspired you as much as it does us.  Enjoy!


Celebrating Virgil Kent Newman

Posted Sunday, May 20, 2018


Celebrating the homecoming of His Whole House Board Member 
and Spiritual Father,  
~ Virgil Kent Newman ~
Klein Funeral Home
1400 W. Main St. 
Tomball, Texas 77375
Visitation: Tuesday May 22nd from 6-8pm
Funeral Services: Wednesday May 23rd at 2pm

Kent was born May 26, 1925 in Joplin Missouri to Virgil and Helen.   Kent went home to be with his Heavenly Father May 18, 2018 in Tomball Texas at the age of 92 years, 11 months, 23 days.  Kent and Grace Hope celebrated their 14th anniversary on March 9. 

Kent was baptized in 1934 by Pastor Ross Musgrave, in The South Joplin Christian Church in Joplin Missouri. He preached his first sermon at the age of 17 (on crutches) and was ordained as a Pastor with the First Christian Church in Joplin Missouri, a recognized ordination by Elim Fellowship of New York, on May 10, 1943.  An apostolic call to the ministry, Kent has preached and spread the word of God throughout the world.  A Pastor to Pastors, missionary to Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, Kent has impacted the Body of Christ with his testimony of love for over 75 years.

The Family


Grace Hope Newman



Martha Jane Meyer, Gayle Poindexter, Terri A. Newman, John R. Newman, 

Patsy A. Newman, Joy L. Asbill and Molly C. McNamara


Other children who have preceded their Father in death are

Darla J. Correll, Stewart K. Newman, Patrick Parker and Vera S. Parker


Numerous grandchildren, great-grandchildren, 

nieces, nephews, other relatives and many, many friends



July 23, 1929 — March 30, 2018
Devoted husband, loving father of six, spiritual father to countless others, and mentor to many of today’s Christian leaders, John Loren Sandford rose into the arms of his Lord and Savior on the morning of Good Friday, March 30, 2018. What a blessing that John’s departure was on the day of the cross, for he dedicated his life to spreading the news that the cross opened the way for us to personally know and hear Him, and is the very means toward healing hearts and souls. 

John was born in Joplin, Mo. on July 23, 1929, to George and Zelma Sandford. They and his two siblings, Martha and Hal, have preceded him to heaven. His brother, Frank, is still with us. 

From the beginning, John seemed destined to affect the lives of many. As a teen, he received a call to the ministry through a vision of the cross, after which his mother told him the Lord had told her of it before he was born. After earning a bachelor’s in English from Drury College in Springfield, Mo., he received his master of divinity and, beginning in 1955, he and his wife, Paula, pastored three churches in Streator, Ill.; Council Grove, Kan., and Wallace, IdahoSandford graduated from seminary with a Master of Divinity in Religion and Personality. He pastored churches in Illinois, Kansas and Idaho for 21 years before founding Elijah House. The ministry, based in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, offers prayer ministry and training in prayer and the prophetic.

In 1973, John and Paula received another call — to found Elijah House Ministries in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and teach on the prophetic gift and office and how to heal hearts through a form of pastoral counseling called inner healing. They became world-travelers, and what began in their little house soon mushroomed into a global outreach with ministries in 11 nations. Together they wrote the classics, “Transformation of the Inner Man” and “Healing the Wounded Spirit,” as well as many other titles, some of them co-authored with their sons, Loren and Mark. John and Paula helped launch not only the charismatic movement, but also movements regarding inner healing and deliverance, the prophetic, reconciling people groups, and our relationship with the earth.  They are considered pioneers in the prophetic and inner healing movements. Their vision was to reveal that which keeps believers bound in repetitive sin, by, as John—and Elijah House—still says today, 'evangelizing the unbelieving areas of the believer's heart.'"

Elijah House invites words of encouragement or letters "to let the family know how John had impacted your life, through his books or ministry." These can be sent to jlsandford723@gmail.com.

John Loren Sandford's memorial service will be held on April 17th at New Life Church, 6068 W. Hayden Ave, Rathdrum, ID 83858. The service will begin at 6 PM PDT. If you are unable to attend, it will be streamed live on Facebook at www.facebook.com/newlifehaydenave.



By Molly McNamara and Pauline LaPorte

Are you like me when the pressure is on, to curl up in a fetal position and hope it will pass soon? Or do you find yourself working extremely hard to avoid knowing the pressure is there?  
No matter your choice the outcome is the same: change
So the question to consider might be: What is my part?
What Now?
Things not going quickly enough?  Plans not coming together?  In your opinion, are situations going in the wrong direction?  When we look at our own hearts can we welcome the Lord to come into our experiences or life situations?  Come and trust that God is able to direct, correct or give breakthrough - in His way, in His time.  The seed so aptly planted must die and be transformed in order to gain a place of new life.  Can we hold our hearts open to His love through the darkest days?  Real or perceived, the pain and banter of our life experience is valued by God.  He is after our hearts and desires to bring us through times of transition into life... do not despise the day of small beginnings.  

"In the morning sow your seed, and in the evening do not withhold your hand; For you do not know which will prosper, either this or that, or whether both alike will be good".
Ecclesiastes 11:6

Plight of the Cottonwood Seed, Part 3

Posted Thursday, March 22, 2018


Plight of the Cottonwood Seed

Part 3 of 3

By Gerri Wilson and Vicki Freleigh


Tonight we’d be in Riggins, Idaho and tomorrow in Utah. My “moment in time” was now and I was trusting Jesus with the outcome!


I began to say what, for me, were silent prayers at the start of any trip: “Please, Jesus, keep Vicki and me safe.” I denied my tendency to imagine the worst by thinking, “Oh that couldn’t happen. Jesus wouldn’t let it.” Then I remembered the cottonwood seed landing on the water! I thought of people like Keith Green and all the Christians who’d died in the Twin Towers on 9/11. Yes, it COULD happen! I recalled His words to me in the hot tub…”Where the seed lands and what becomes of it is up to Me. I watch over each one.”

Suddenly, I was overcome by His immense pleasure in my decision to risk failure. What a thrill to be following my heart on the path He had laid out for me! A deep satisfaction of completeness swept into my being. I finally was aware that I fit in this universe. If I died today, it was well with me. Then, suddenly – our pudgy little red car was spinning in a graceful dance all over the winter highway!


Fifteen minutes into our adventure I rounded a blind curve a little too fast. An oncoming car was just starting to cross over the double-yellow line. When I swerved to avoid the collision, my rear wheels dug into slushy snow. The steering wheel refused to respond to my commands! I can still remember the string of swirling snapshots passing across my windshield. Highway, mountain wall, highway, cliff, highway, mountain wall, highway…..

Adrenalin must have turned on the slow motion camera as a flood of thoughts came pouring through my mind at a snail’s pace: “Our journey is over already – we’re landing on the water! Here comes the embankment. I’ve killed Gerri! At least we ‘flew’. We’re going to roll! This luggage in the back seat is so heavy. If Gerri is hurt, it’s my fault! At least we ‘flew’. How can we survive this? We can’t! Oh Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”..…

(Gerri and Vicki)

We didn’t know fear and peace could exist simultaneously, but they can. Under- girding us amidst the highway flurry was an abiding peace --- or was it Joy? Deep, deep inside our hearts was the satisfaction that we had finally “flown”!!! If our journey was supposed to end now, we had fulfilled our call.


Vicki and Gerri continued combining prophetic art with Prayer ministry for eleven more years, ministering in most of these United States and parts of Canada. Today there are approximately 5,000 anointed drawings which, when shared, still bring revelations and healing to hurting hearts!  

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The Many Faces of Family - March 2018

Posted Monday, March 12, 2018


By: Dana Moody

"The Jews had light, and gladness, and  joy, and honor." Esther 8:16

Esther got to a time of light and gladness with joy and honor.  As I pondered that verse, I realized that she honored others first.  She released her agenda and body to her kings—to King God then the earthly king.  She went all in.  She accepted her lot.  She had suffered the loss of her parents, yet she trusted God enough to open her hands and touch the King’s body with so much love, compassion and honor that he instantly was drawn to the essence of her and knew he would be a better man with her by his side.

Since Esther was a beauty queen, I don’t think I have ever aspired to being “like her”.  Yet, I can honor my King when I touch my husband and kids with hands so surrendered to God that His healing energy passes through my skin to theirs.  I can be fully present with them because my spirit, soul (mind, will, and emotions), and body no longer are being pulled to other places to find my comfort and identity.  This indeed is the “quiet” spirit—the one who emanates acceptance.

However this acceptance was a hard-fought battle……….

Being an extroverted, rambunctious, never get tired of talking girl has made me question my worth.  After all, 1 Peter 3:4 says “Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight.”

Like Jacob I have fiercely wrestled with God and my earthly Father for the blessing of identity and self-worth.   From my earliest memory, my life has been a struggle, and I had hated my name because it was a masculine name.  Bitterness, the belief that God did not intervene the way He should have, caused me to believe that I could not trust God or anyone else to help me, be there for me, guide me, or affirm me.  Like Jacob I was exhausted with my head up against a rock, when my Lord came to me and asked me to “let go”.

For years I have asked, “Let go of what”?  The meaning of the name Jacob describes a person who is clever at finding a way around an obstacle. Jacob did not want to rely on his earthly father or heavenly father to bless him with provision and identity.  Instead, he used self-protecting tools of manipulation, control, and deception.  I deceived myself into believing that I was a good Christian who “trusted and relied” on God while I was trying to control everything and everybody around me.

Like Jacob something in me has broken.  I am walking in a different way because I can now lean on my staff—I am turning to prayer and His Word as quickly as trouble arises and true comfort soothes me.

Isaiah 43 is real to me because I have accepted it on all levels—spirit, soul, body.

“Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm youwhen you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you.” Isaiah 43

To surrender the burning desire for God, people, and myself to do what I have decided is the “right thing” is a hard-fought battle. Jesus said in John, that He only said what God told Him to say and how to say it.  Pressing into solitude in order to hear God then obeying what He says do is so terribly hard when your flesh, others, and the enemy are putting competing thoughts in your head.

I have come to be very grateful and praise God for the gift of His precious Spirit that stays with me, allowing me the grace and time to find my balance, as I limp along.  May we be ever diligent to pick each other up daily, believing more in His ability, than our own.  I will not be deluded any longer—the potholes covered by water are in my road, so I am learning to welcome and will rely on my staff and my guides, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and trustworthy, believing brothers and sisters in Christ.

Our New Series: The Many Faces of Family 
Each and every story matters.  We all have a need to be seen, known and welcomed to come and share our part.  Each month, we will share stories and interviews of those who are living out their journey of healing to say, “We believe God can transform our pain into compassion for others.” Join us as we learn more about brothers and sisters, parts of the community of Christ, who share who they are,  where they’ve been, some of the mess, and what it takes to journey home again.


Plight of the Cottonwood Seed, Part 2

Posted Thursday, March 08, 2018


Plight of the Cottonwood Seed
Part 2 of 3
By Gerri Wilson and Vicki Freligh


Quickly, my life translated into that of a cottonwood seed. I saw myself tightly tucked up in the corner of an open seedpod---still in the tree. Like watching a movie, I recognized numerous incidents over the years where I had chosen not to risk. For the most part, I had lived my whole life afraid of landing on the water!

“So, Lord, if You’re okay with this seed not becoming a cottonwood tree, what is it You DO want from a cottonwood seed?”

“What delights Me, Gerri, is when the seed longs to become a tree! I created it with exactly that passion. Where the seed lands and what becomes of it is up to Me. I watch over each one.”

All of a sudden the responsibility to know how to “NOT land on the water” lifted off my shoulders! I was now free to risk --- knowing my final destiny was in God’s hands. My job was to come out of the shadows, allow the sun to dry me out (so my puff-wings could sprout) and let the natural course of events unfold! At that moment, I understood my truest destiny was in agreeing to enjoy the journey with Him!


Six months after our shared “epiphany” in the hot tub, the ministry we were involved in folded. Gerri and I suddenly found ourselves jobless and homeless! This was so out of our box I suspected God was doing something. I settled down to listen to Him…”This is your opportunity to combine art and prayer ministry, Vicki. Will you risk it with Me?”

Knowing Gerri would understand if I put it to her this way, I said, “I think it’s time to be cottonwood seeds. We have nothing but a car roof over our heads, Gerri. I believe God is telling us it’s time to try prayer ministry and art together. Are you ready to let go and FLY?”


The nano-second Vicki posed the question, I knew it was God. Two weeks later we were packing Vicki’s car with way too much luggage. Ministry doors had opened to give us three weeks of counseling appointments in Southern California. With little clue of how art and prayer ministry could go together, we said, “Yes” to this adventure. The wind of God’s Spirit would take us! Our part was to delight in the journey and see what He would do.


The last square inch of cargo space in my little red car was filled. Dear friends were hugged good-bye, blessings were spoken and hands were waved. Although snow clouds hugged Northern Idaho the morning of February 2nd, 2003, our horizon was wide and free! I was behind the wheel and we’d be driving out of this weather soon enough.

To be continued in Part 3...

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