MORE team stands for “Ministers Of Reconciliation Everywhere

In any ministry, there is often an abundance of work and few laborers. Over the past several years, His Whole House has held a number of Elijah House Schools and graduated many who do not have their own ministry but long to be used by the Lord.  As a member of a MORE team, we can now provide these graduates of like passion and love for people with an avenue to share their hearts and impart to others the transforming work of the Holy Spirit done in them!

Working as a team, members are refreshed by updated lessons and walking out ministry in a very fluid and informal way. Each event is couched in intercession and prayers calling forth in unity the various gifts and talents of the team and their ministry experience. Engaged in pursuit together, we are learning what it means to interact with each other and attune our hearts and spirits with Father God’s to discover His plan and desire for each event and people group. Joined together by a common heart, this has not only ministered to those we are serving, but has also become a table from which to build up the body of Christ with mutual love and respect. 

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