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His Whole House functions to share the love of Christ in a variety of ways such as teachings, seminars, groups and prayer ministry (by appointment). 

Here are just a few of the Biblically based seminar topics we offer: 

Surviving a Suicide 

One reason that an attitude toward suicide can linger in the closet is that suicide itself often times will remain shrouded in mystery and shame. Anyone can find themselves in a position to respond to this painful reality. The fact that every 16.2 minutes a person completes suicide, as reported by News and World Report, can become overwhelming to those who want to help and are not sure how.    This seminar will share real life insights and tips into this socially sensitive subject.  Contact Us for More Information

Finding Your Voice

Finding your voice in times of suffering will unlock the heart and bring “Transformation that holds implicit that NOTHING in our lives is ever wasted.  The prevenient grace of God is so complete that there is no event in our lives without which we would be better off.” John Sandford – Founder of Elijah House.  One of the most important things in our lives is to have the courage to find your voice and the joy to sing the song locked within. Come find out how.  Contact Us for More Information

Through the Gates of Prayer

Our Lord demonstrated the way through His work done on the cross and His resurrection power. So how can we apply these same principles to our everyday prayers? What does it take to come into the Garden Gethsemane, like Christ did for us, on behalf of another?  Come learn more about three key areas to prayer that can set the captive free and allow brokenness, repentance and healing.  Contact Us for More Information

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