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His Whole House functions to share the love of Christ in a variety of ways such as teachings, seminars, groups and prayer ministry (by appointment). 

Here are just a few of the Biblically based seminar topics we offer: 

Finding Hope in the Midst of Disaster

Natural and man-made disasters and the accompanying traumatic effects is fast becoming the greatest mission field of the 21st century. Helping to find hope in the midst of the reality of this suffering and hurting people can be challenging due to the sheer number of needs.  Knowing when and how to step in, listen, or take action can be daunting and yet, times of great tragedy can help people through their suffering and bring them closer to God. Prepare your organization with added confidence and tools to confront the many stories of great tragedy they will experience and emotional equipment to walk alongside these suffering souls. This seminar will provide more ingredients and tools to bring hope and the ministry of presence to the wounded spirit.  Contact Us Here

God’s Truth….Remedy for Shame

Have there been times in your life when you heard: ‘shame on you’ or ‘you should be ashamed’? Shame can keep us stuck. It inspires fear of being found out, exposed, humiliated, rejected, or abandoned. Shame can keep us from receiving God’s grace (His undeserved favor) and tempt us to say “I don’t deserve forgiveness”.  Guilt is our friend. It has the power to expose sin. Guilt brings us to Christ and the cross where the work of forgiveness is accomplished.

This seminar will explore more deeply the remedy for shame, which is God’s truth…as well as faith and love. These principles bring courage to step out of the crowd and touch the hem of His garment and find healing for our body, soul and spirit.  Contact Us For More Information

Unresolved Grief & Loss

Grief often follows the death of a loved one, but also any loss, such as neglect (loss of love), rejection (loss of acceptance), etc. Can you identify an old loss for which you may still be grieving, or for which you never fully grieved?  Most do not even think to connect present problems to unresolved grief.  A real loss can remain uncomforted, and a person can remain stuck, unable to express or know what the source of the pain is really about.  This seminar is designed to give a refreshing look at how grieving losses can be a part of healing.  Contact Us For More Information

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