July 31, 2017
A participant in our Restoring Glory ~ Healing Shame Series was so stirred by the battle at hand around shame that he composed the following poem during the July 16th class and gave us permission to share.  Be encouraged!


The Revival

I live now in my darkest hour, 

My spiritual fruit begins to sour.

An evil force has now taken hold. 

My heart's lust is now uncontrolled. 


The enemy grows strong. 

His presence feels wrong. 

I can fight him no longer. 

Defeated, I grow somber. 


Darkness closes in, 

As my heart fills with sin.  

I lay here with dread, 

In the valley of the dead. 


I see a light in the distance, 

I ponder it's existence. 

It shines very bright, 

Through all the darkness in sight.


"Take back what is mine!"

Said the light with a voice like a lion. 

"Reclaim your heart, 

For we are never apart."


I am now filled with power, 

I stand like a tall tower. 

No longer will I lay, 

The Holy Spirit and I have a demon to slay. 

By: Joshua G. Smith

July 8, 2017

Good Morning, Molly
I am so thankful for your labor of love. What an honor and a privilege it was being with you on Thursday. I declare blessings, on top of blessings, on top of blessings; Miracle Blessings and Miracle HeaIings be upon you now. I must say I have not been this optimistic in a while. I have not felt this well in a long while. I've been sleep walking for a minute.  I feel as though I've awoken from death and I am feeling sudden, but gentle glimpses of the tree of Life. I want to live. Hello Life...
May our God grant you peace, joy, prosperity, favor, endurance and faith to continue the Ministry of his grace. I see your Crown and Oh how beautiful are the feet of them who carry the Word of Life.
I look forward to our next visit. Thanks to Hiswholehouse/Elijah House for not giving up on me. There is room at the cross for me.
Kindest Regards,

December 2016

Testimony and original artwork by CO

"The flower represents my beauty and the desire I have to give it away.  Lord, help me to break off petals and bless others with what I have to give away in Christ."

November 6, 2016

Testimony and original artwork by CO

"Me. This is where I was, this is how far I've come.  But not without shedding tears and a balancing of emotions that have made me want to stop.  But the journey was worth it because now I experience wholeness and completeness, peace and harmony."  

April 13, 2016
Testimony by Anonymous


Wow, wow, wow!!!!!  

That's the emotional expression of the joy, excitement, and hopefulness that I now feel in my heart. Keep in mind, that's coming from a heart whose norm is to feel fearful, fatigued, overwhelmed, and hopeless.  

If you could have seen the unhealthy way my wife and I failed to connect with each other last night (at bedtime) and again this morning before I left for work, you would be even more amazed to hear me saying that, "For the past 2 mornings my heart has been filled with hope, clarity, confidence, and joyful expectation." 

I have always believed that it's easier to teach an overconfident kid to be more humble than it is to teach a kid with very little confidence how to be more confident. Generally speaking, I still think that's true. However, Father God and Jesus just stood that on its head in regards to me.  

I was giving thanks to them for showing me that I never was taught how to take dominion. I was asking Father to teach me and inviting Him and Jesus to speak whatever they wanted to say to me. Not expecting what follows, I was prompted to consider what my life would have been like had Father given me some ability to use the gifts He has given me without His leading and direction.  

Oh my GOODNESS!!! It only took half a second for my mind to quickly race through the thoughts that follow. If I could have had some measure of confidence, some ability to use the gifts, enough to get noticed, I'm certain my life would have taken a very tragic turn. I would have used and hurt so many people! I would have ruined lives, and most especially my own. My life probably would have given sway to the culture around me, resulting in a destructive, hedonistic lifestyle that would have irresponsibly fathered children, and then left them with no dad around to love and nurture them. 

In my case, not only was it a mercy from Father to block me from the use of my gifts as a young man. I can thank God that His way has been to build confidence into me, who had none… to humble me and draw me to Himself despite how I have used, abused, and hurt so many.  

Father I praise your name. For Lamentations 3:1-42, especially verses 19-33, they are true! And they are true not just for Jeremiah, but also for me. Lord, continue to teach me how to take dominion and fill my heart full of Your agape love so that pride has no “soil” to gain a root. May my past hardships be building blocks in Your hands. Let not one thing, nor one drop of heartache, tears or fear be wasted. 

Thank you for the work of Prayer Ministry and the love You have shown me through the redeeming economy of Your love and kindness. Thank you the resurrection life that now surges through my heart. May it have no end and reap a testimony of hope to the many that also need this touch.

January 18, 2016

Testimony by Anonymous -  A wonderful testimony we received today!

God brought more freedom in areas of my past as I was HOV (honest, open & vulnerable) with the HWH ministry team. I had repented, confessed, broke lies, judgments, & vows but the power of agreement & the leaders dismantling strongholds & evil spirits made all the difference when I came face to face with my past! Details below:

Hello Ladies!

I just wanted to give you a praise report.  We are back from CA (California) & our family trip to FL Florida) & they both truly were the best trips I've had & enjoyed.  The CA brought forth Gods glory in ministry & with my family.  The major past & struggle temptations that gripped me for years were gone.  All sinful & inappropriate past thoughts, desires & fantasy imaginations were gone & a key person from the past was present during the conference.  This is Miracle. I've fought internal battles for years!!!  No jealousy or envy because I wasn't a part of the big team platform team the total opposite, at the end I hugged & loved on my friend & ministry partner like never before. The love of God just poured through me to her.  God healed & made so many things new!!  Thank you for loving & walking with me during this season. I love you ladies so much!!!

September 9, 2015

Testimony by A

Good Morning Molly and Pauline -

I just had to send this to you.  I have not slept like this in a very long time.  Usually I am all over the place because I move around all night.  The one little blip around 3:30 - I rose up looked at the clock, turned over and went back to sleep.  And I rarely go to be before 10:00!!!!


Thanks so much for walking through this with me!!!!


September 20, 2014

Testimony by Anonymous

Hello!  My sister receives prayer ministry with His Whole House.  She raised me after our mother died and she used to be so full of hurt, bitterness, anger, etc.  She was out to save the world but we felt neglected at home. We did not have a very good relationship and she even felt like giving up on life at times.  

Since she has been trough prayer ministry at Elijah House, I have witnessed a complete transformation in her!  She has been healed so much already!  I just want the same for myself.  I have been through a ton of pain and abuse and I am suffering from it.  We have 4 girls under 8 years old now and I need healing so I can be the best parent I can be and train up my children right.  I am so wounded right now that I don't feel like I can serve my spouse as well as I should or my kids.  I want to be well.   I was skeptical about this when my sister first signed up because she has always been in church and knew the "right" answers for life but her heart was not in it.  Since I have seen first hand what prayer ministry has done for her, I believe in it!

I desperately want a deeper, better relationship with God and be able to have better relationships with everyone else in turn.  I just feel like I have so many obstacles in my way.  I had never heard of anything like this before in my area and I would love the chance to find some healing!

Thank you ~ Anonymous

This individual now receives prayer ministry.  Praise God for His loving healing and everlasting love!