The "Net Works"

The Webster dictionary tells us a definition of the words “Net Work” as, a group or system of interconnected people or things. Hearing this definition reminds me of the parable in Matthew 4 about how, while viewing the two brothers Simon and Andrew, Christ called out to them using the terminology of their trade as fishermen to compel them. He called them to connect with Him in the deeper things of God. Now, let us take this play on words to another level in helping us to understand and provide greater meaning of how the Body of Christ and Christian community is meant to be a ‘disciple making tool’ to further transform our hearts in becoming more like Christ’s.

A fisherman’s net has many interconnections and gaps. Each link is connected in several different ways in similar fashion to hold and further extend its function and use. Look how flexible a net is, note how when cast it can encompass a broad range for the catch! Are we not as the Body of Christ, meant to be this way in relationship with one another? How can we see the Kingdom of God come to earth, unless we grow in our relationships unless we truly seek to have heart connections and unity? This does not mean that we always totally agree. We may disagree, but can we keep our hearts held open with our eyes pinned on His vibrant intentions to be accomplished among us, His Body.

As one who seeks to be a healthy leader, it is my greatest joy to be graced with seeing others come into their own identity and fullness. Marked by this, may I propose to you to come share with us at His Whole House in finding a deepened fulfillment as we cast our nets together to see His Kingdom come in the ‘work’ defined among and through one another. May each of us find a home fire burning in the heart of His call upon our lives and that being demonstrated in the ones He has placed beside us seeking to be knit together in love (Colossians 2:2), living out His wondrous commission to become ‘fishers of men’ in the earth.