Did I Tell You Today I Miss You?

Did I tell you that today I miss you? I feel the pains of you’re not coming or able to come and be with me today. This day set neatly aside for a time of family, food and fun with you and the others. …Today, I am missing your part. This isn’t a dirge or sadness so much as it’s a knowing and love. You see, had I not loved you, I could not have missed you so very much. So, for my part this is a declaration of my love for you, family, laughter, eating too much and listening to the sounds of life….those small giggles from the children secretly plotting their next production or the TV forecasting the ‘game’ of the year. There are the sounds of neighborly greetings and offerings of kindness so freely exchanged between those who had not seen each other, really until this very day. A new recipe to try or that tried and true tradition of Mother’s still chalked full of memories with every bit. These are the joys that I long to share with you today. You see, I miss you.