As Shadows Pass

Oh, come remove my unbelief that keeps my heart veiled in undue grief.

A memory found, a heart once torn, I thank You God, You will not put a mud filled print into the soot.

You lay me bare that I might see this break in life, this travesty.

Then softly come and lift away my bitter cup in this new day.

I hear them say, "That time has passed" but no the print is holding fast...

My hearts' response grew bitter deep in darkness found, and kept me drinking from that ground.

What tune you say, now sing this day?

It is the sweet forgiving voice of Christ, His blood and reconciled choice.

I am released by His travail to see and live, in life unveiled.

And now as shadows pass again, across the canvas of human kind,

My heart is full of gratitude for all the joy and sorrow too, that brought me here on earth with you.


Blessings, Molly