Do You Want MORE? How To Start a Team In Your Community; Part 2

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The people who come to an Elijah House School of Ministry usually come for their own personal healing or to be better equipped for ministry to others. For me, it was a lot of the former and a hint of the latter. When I attended my first “live” school, I remember being struck with how simple and practical the journey of inner healing and transformation could be. Although I had received prayer ministry since 1998, it was in 2008 that God broke through the darkness that had covered my soul for many years and shone His light of hope and promise.

What does this have to do with starting a MORE team in your community? Well, it will always depend on you and me and our willingness to continue being changed from glory to glory, allowing others to see His love light demonstrated through us. I believe MORE teams is a way that the Lord is calling the church to action, to step out. Our communities need to see fathers and mothers in Christ. Just as a parent invests time, energy, patience and tons of prayers into a child at every stage of growth, so you and I are called to become fathers and mothers to those who come to be equipped for ministry.

As we are learning how to develop MORE teams, we find it wise to have standards. First, a person must have completed an Elijah House (EH) School of Ministry, second, be engaged in their own healing through prayer ministry and third, attend at least 1 of EH alumni meetings in our area. These steps are important as we are frequently ministering to others that do not know about the work of inner healing. This can expose the team to all sorts of spiritual warfare. We want to protect and respect the team members and the people to whom we are serving, so it is imperative that the MORE teams be familiar by practicing the appropriate daily spiritual disciplines and have the ability to bend, allowing God’s way on issues that can arise.  As John and Paula Sandford would say, “this is part of our call, to walk out our salvation as a lifestyle”.

Elijah House Schools are a perfect venue to nurture MORE teams. As different people join together, setting aside doctrinal and personal issues to set their gaze on the One and only Christ who can heal, we see hearts changed. . At the conclusion of each school, we share about the ways in which students can continue with us as members of the MORE team. We keep in touch about upcoming events and opportunities through EH alumni meetings, our newsletter and website.

Here’s another testament from team member, Katie Tyre:

My involvement with the MORE teams has been a delightful experience.  I see this as a valuable opportunity for those who have received the Elijah House Training to be able to put what has been learned into practice.  So often we learn principles but never really share the things we have learned with others.  The MORE team provided me an avenue in which to do that.  They also may be beneficial in helping a person to see their own purpose and potential areas of ministry.  Lord, teach us all to be Ministers Of Reconciliation Everywhere!

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