"I've Got This"

I was making my way through the congestion of Houston traffic the other morning on my way to work when God spoke to me in a special and unusual way. 

To make the best use of my one hour commute I commonly engage in conversations with various folks with whom I am in relationship. This morning was no different as I engaged with a friend and mentee.  As we were discussing the importance of what God has for this wonderful city, His heart to turn the hearts of the children back to their fathers and back to Him.  I know that God called me to Houston, placed us in this geographic region for a specific purpose.  As I spoke my heart strings were pulled to touch His desires and I began to cry. Together my friend and I began to call out to God asking Him how the people will find out about Him, about healing so that they can receive all of the love He has for them.  My crying became bawling and my cheeks were soaked and eyes a bit blurry as my heart cried out to God for clues as to how He was going to accomplish His plans for His people.  As I was approaching the parking garage of my workplace I was startled to see flashing blue lights in my rear view mirror and ….I was being pulled over!

The police officer walked up to my window and seeing my tear stained face, asked if I was ok?  After assurances that I was, yet still tender with tearful repose, let me know that I had passed a stopped school bus with flashing lights.  The possibilities of every negative thing that could have happened because of this action flashed through my head and I was visibly shaken.  Then I reached out my hand and asked the officer his name, he said, “Leonard.” He reciprocated, touching my hand gently and said “God’s got this.”  As he spoke, he must have told me at least three times that “God had this”.  I did not receive a ticket that morning and as I entered my place of work, I was pondering the entire incident.  As I sat behind my desk contemplating the event, slightly amused, amazed and relieved, I thought, “I wonder what Leonard” means?  The answer to my hearts cry that morning the Lord had sent through an authority of the city, an officer of justice whose name just happened to be Leonard, which means “brave lion” just to tell me “I’ve got this”.