Nothing Lost

As I set my car on cruise control and merged into the usual Friday afternoon traffic, my thoughts went to the various lists of tasks which required my attention over the coming weekend. Those thousand and one things held over for the “time” that each will necessitate in order to  accomplish them…all to be completed over those 2 precious days called “weekend”. 

So, head long I plunged into the list. Stopping by the grocery store for a few things ($186 dollars later), I then threw a load of laundry in the wash, cleaned up the spill on the bathroom floor (left over from the day before), paid bills and attempted (without success) to put up contact paper across a window. As I went about each task, the hours grew to night and as I finished the last on the list, I dropped into bed. Everything had gone well except for the contact paper which I completely messed up, spending over an hour up on a ladder trying to position the paper without wrinkles…not so easy.

Then at 2am, I awoke hearing the words, “Nothing is Lost in My Economy. You are struggling and unable to hear Me because you need rest”. It was true; I had been struggling that week in my quiet time with God. The duties of the ministry, as well as other duties were leading me around by the nose, not following God’s lead and feeling very much isolated from His voice.

Where was my allegiance, with God or with the tasks at hand? My heart sank and sung “thank you for telling me!” It was that sure, small voice with very profound words. He was calling me back to Him again. How had I wandered, how had it come again that I believed I had not already been given the very best?  Finding my day filled with tasks, turning away from depending on Him…believing it was mine alone to find my way.

As I sat that next day and pondered those words in the night, my heart felt the realization and I cried. How full of love and kindness with the utmost patience He waits, in hopes of His children returning back home to His embrace. Where was I wandering off to? Where do our hearts need to return, back to a place of reliance on His provision, resources and grace, a homestead of blessings? As I sat in my chair listening and journaling my hearts’ thoughts and desires, a peace flowed over me. This too was what it meant to be willing to pay the price, as Isaiah 55:1 says. “Ho! Everyone who thirsts, Come to the waters; And you who have no money, Come, buy and eat. Yes, come, buy wine and milk Without money and without price.”, The following day after much rest and an afternoon nap, I awoke with a spring in my step and a song in my heart. Though many of the tasks were left undone, I had lacked nothing.

I leave you with this same challenge He gave to me. Examine your list today and see if you sense a prompting to say, “enough”. It’s time for us to step up and into a deeper possession of trust concerning our true birthright. Pay the price for what God’s called us too and act on these words, “there is nothing lost in His economy”!