That Place

Did you ever reflect on something for so long that you found yourself grieving when the task was coming to a close? It might have been a task that was really hard or really difficult that took a ton of study, energy, resources and stretching of time. Today, I found myself at this point. While I'm happy that the task is complete, I find myself grieving the loss of leaving this task that has spanned these past 5 months.

As in Matt.17:4, I find myself wanting to erect 3 tabernacles, like Peter who wanted to do that for Jesus, Moses and Elijah on the mount of transfiguration.  A place where I can stop and take refuge from the storms of everyday experiences seems good, but verse 7 goes on to say that Jesus refused such an offering saying, "Arise and do not be afraid" and they traveled on....

My prayer this morning is "Lord, please help me to release this task into the place of Your heart, will and purpose in & through me. May I gain everything You have intended & arise into the place of Your perfect work accomplished in me this day and for the days to come."