Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 3 - Three French Hens

Today I am preparing for day 3, the last of 12 hours of dedicated time with trusted armor bearers at my side, to continue this work called prayer ministry. It’s another day in search of a deeper journey with my Lord and the identity of which I am His daughter.  I could sense the LORD’s touch on me as I arose this early morning to hear a call in my ear that sounded like my Lord and Savior. I heard, “Come and be with Me”. There was such a sweet and profound drawing upon my heart and as I was taken deeper and deeper into the inner chambers of my beloved, I felt the quiet reconciliation of my heart with His. 

As our time was ending, again I heard a melody; sound and words unknown to me. God was whispering an impartation as a poem and a melody. Having not written a song before, I scrambled to catch each precious word. As I began to hum the tune, my heart could hear as He sung it back over me. What love and repose I sensed as His love and smile poured glory down over me in the reflection of my very own song.  What gracious gift of love this King is to us.

Welcome to me

Your face now I see

I’ve waited so long

How precious you are to me.

Your heart is now free

All back in one piece

I’ve heard all your pleas

But now you can see.

Your heart now has a voice

You made the right choice

To believe in My peace

So welcome child to me.


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