Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 2 - Two Turtle Doves

On a Monday several weeks ago, I sensed that God was revealing some areas of blockage in my heart. A number of issues had been coming up time and again and they were tormenting and fearful, especially in the area of my marriage. These were very difficult and hard for me to address but God was directing me to embrace the fireball, as John Sandford says, and look at these hard issues head on. Besides the work of finding a deeper walk with God, myself and others in the work of prayer ministry, I too had been reading books & praying daily for a breakthrough in my communications with my husband. Then, last Sunday, I saw a vision which I was impressed was from the Lord. I had not realized how hindered I had become by my own fears and limiting beliefs about God’s ability to move me through these areas.

As I stood still and watched and listened, I could clearly see my part of holding back and how God wanted to take this fear from my heart. Following this experience, I went to my husband Wayne, bracing myself for the expected bout of anger. But the anger didn’t come. As I shared my experience there were no harsh comments, only quiet, attentive listening.  What encouragement and strength flooded my heart!

I now feel the freedom to choose and walk in a new way of communicating like never before. The Lord released me to walk in new paths with a heart able to stay open to an “Honest, Open and Vulnerable” (HOV) way of expressing myself.  

Thank you Lord for safe people too, that have hearts for Your lovingkindness and for all that has been poured into my heart and life thus far! Now I am looking forward to the new season of my journey.

Luke 2:24 – The presentation of Jesus by His parents in the temple

“They also offered a sacrifice according to what is specified in the Law of the Lord: "a pair of turtledoves or two young pigeons."

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