Walking, Washing and Waiting

Washing was first recorded in the bible with angels who came to Abraham and Sarah to announce the birth of their son Isaac, a son of promise in their old age.  Genesis 18:4 – “Please let a little water be brought and wash your feet and rest yourselves under the tree.” 

                  Washing is a type of cleansing and meant to be part of the preparation for entering into a clean place of repose and refreshing.  It’s often represented as an action prior to a meal.  As we look closer at this common activity, we might see a symbolic side where we as believers in Christ come to position ourselves for the elimination of the old crusty residue and weariness of the journey.  We tarry under the tree of life, preparing to receive the many promises spoken to our hearts and not yet ours.  This simple action common to all men, regardless of view or culture can again bring central the hope of salvation in the midst of our wait. 

                  As we journey with friends and family this holiday season, may we all come to find the sweet refreshing that is brought to us in a deeper place of rest, and just as the angel came to Abraham and Sarah, may our hearts open to the valuable work of preparation through this washing of our soles and “souls”.  Lord, we humbly come to You and ask that You will indeed wash us anew.  We say yes to the removal of anything that keeps us from full revelation and the messenger brought near to declare the birth of new promise in our lives, yet to be seen.    Amen