A Ring of Precious Stones

She slips the beautiful ring on my finger and in the next breath declares “You are a Mother in Christ to me!”  I’m honored by this very special gift of love and have indeed been privileged to have journeyed with many spiritual children through the years. I ponder, why then is my heart taken aback by this pronouncement?  A feeling settles over me, a sense all too familiar, as fear rises up in me about whether or not I’m qualified for such an ominous position.

I think back across my life to recall the many ways in which I have stumbled and missed my children’s hearts, choosing my own way or decision rather than see and hear their offering of being. These gifts called children, some natural, others connected by like passion of the Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus and His wondrous call to each. These gifts, often hidden in early forms of their transformation can be so easily missed for their unique contribution. Had I really seen these precious ones that had been given to me in relationship for who they really are? Had I really understood the gift of love and hope renewed that was mine because a relationship of nurture that brought both into deeper fellowship with our own hearts and one another. I found my heart in need of reconciliation with the parts that resisted the gift of their person. 

As I grappled, declaring the many ways in which I had missed, forgotten or overlooked these dear ones, I found myself writing out, like a petition, the evidence to my Lord as to why I was neither fit for such gifts as this ring, nor being named among those called “Mother”.  Left up to me, I could quickly conclude I did not fit the bill. Yet, the world over, God had again and again said otherwise. Selecting the many that also felt so ill prepared and untrained to receive the call to be a “Mother to the body of Christ” and come to understand the gift of another. God Himself has decreed His trust in us with His more valuable treasure, His children. What a privilege we have been given to love another. 

So what does it take Lord to rest in this trust You have so graciously bestowed on we, Your daughters?    I hear a whisper, “Trust them to Me, I know your frailty and pain. Bring them to Me in prayer, in cheer, in loving loss and settle your heart to trust your own place of need.” 

"Therefore thus says the Lord GOD, "Behold, I am laying in Zion a stone, a tested stone, a costly cornerstone for the foundation, firmly placed.  He who believes in it will not be disturbed."

Isaiah 28:16 (NAS)