Heart of a Disciple

As I've been studying for an upcoming ministry trip to W. Virginia, it has come to me over and over again how my Spiritual Father, Kent Newman has been an example to me.  Although it was not an easy discipleship training (to say the least), as  I work with the 5 disciples I have, with their various 'issues' and questions, I clearly see the seat upon once I sat in similar fashion.  This adds yet another dimension to the work of 'making disciples'.  That is, if you or I are not willing to first 'be discipled’ by another, neither we, nor they, are likely to go very deep in raising up those who come after us.  We give to others that which we ourselves have received.  If that giving is from the theology and teaching knowledge obtained, then that will be all that we can impart to another.  

But God help us.  If we impart a true heart of understanding, birthed in love and relationship, then those who join themselves to us may be able to "get what you have got and know what you know" (quote by Kent Newman).  Jesus in us is the only gift we have to give.  Again God help us, may He come so that John 17:21 brings life to them and through them.  That life is none other than to know Christ and His authority.  Only then will the echoes of the cry of God's children be heard throughout the land.... Come drink from the waters that never run dry and live in a land filled with the fruitfulness of joy.  In Him we live and move and have our being!