Heart's Rest

Divine opportunities await you and I when we choose to become all that God has in store for us as Christians.

I recently had occasion to talk with an old friend that I had not heard from in over 5 yrs. As he shared various trials and tribulations that he had endured over the past year, there was something that stood out to me. I saw peace and confidence in his God; the love of a Savior. This friend bears testimony to the love of life and the importance of community.

Ron has suffered from a number of painful chronic illnesses for many years and has had more than his share of ‘near death experiences’, yet through his voice, he was singing God’s praises and ‘thanking Him’ for life. My heart was encouraged.  I found myself drinking from this place of encouragement with similar delight at how God has continued to bring forward his plans through my friend and my life too.   

“The church's greatest need is to bring our heart to rest in the heart of another and to be a resting place”, as said by Robert & Kathie Fetveit.   

My dear friend Ron is one of those resting places for others.  How about you?