Insight from our friend and advisor, Mark Sandford, Spiritual Director of Elijah House Inc. regarding the word the Lord gave us (His Whole House) Live ~ Live ~ Live for 2016.

What really stands out to me is the part about Kadesh shaking. If you recall, more than 2 1/2 years ago, in April of 2013, I prophesied that thousands were going into the dark night of the soul during the next four years, remaining there for various lengths of time, and that this would end in April of 2017. (Read article here) The purpose was to purify Christians, and especially the prophetic movement. The dark night is like a spiritual fast. God temporarily removes our ability to experience spiritual highs so that we learn to love the giver more than the gift. At this point, many have been in the dark night long enough so that they are beginning to despair--thus, the shaking of the Kadesh wilderness experience. This is a gift from God. He is shaking people's reliance on anything but Him. Especially, He is shaking their trust in their prophetic abilities to provide a sense of well-being. God wants them to draw their well-being from simply knowing Him. 

The second thing that stands out is that God is calling us more to the resurrection side of healing. When we derive our well-being from God, it is because we are focusing on Him, not His gifts. And when we focus on Him, we also more clearly see others and who they truly are as God's creations. So we more clearly see what needs to be resurrected.