The Last Shot

When you hear the bell ring, don’t dally….rather rally.

Most of us get so excited at a basketball game.  We can hear the cheer of the crowd and see the defined focus of the team as someone takes one more shot at the basket. The energy in the room can be tangible. As the team works together, directing every eye on the goal to win the game then score, and everybody ‘high fives’ one another in celebration.

Yes, we all can appreciate the joys and energy of a team success, whether it’s on a basketball court or other life events.  These successes bring us face to face with a feeling of fulfillment and team spirit. Everyone is pumped for the ‘win’, whether it’s in the workplace, relationships or ministry – the celebration is on and perhaps it was you who took the team for the win. Great, right?

But how many of us following a ‘win’ tend to ease off, step back and think to ourselves, “well, no one is looking now, the crowd is gone….I can sail along for a while”.  It can happen to any of us. 

Working on a project recently with a fellow Christian, she said “remember, we’re only as good as our last shot”.  Wow, how true. Now is not the time for our team to back away and ‘sit this one out’. Look around. This is true on many levels of life today and we need every member of the team fully ready, impassioned and trained up for the game. 

Remember who you are and whose you are….. Colossians 2:19