Time Is In His Hands

It has been said that this day upon us now is likened to God’s Kairos time…no longer Kronos (that by which we all set our clocks to each day and hour). But what does that mean for you and me who are in certain servitude to the times and seasons of life? Time to get up for work, time to go to bed, time to have our annual physical, time to consider saving for retirement; all reasonable and responsible endeavors as we in western culture have come to believe as the normal progression of life. Yet, what happens to us when an unplanned ‘happen stance’ is inserted into the ‘norm ‘we have designed for ourselves?

This is exactly what our God has to do in most our our lives in order to gather our attention to something other than our self-centered desires. You, perhaps like me, grumble as these unscheduled events occur, saying “I have no time for this or perhaps when an unexpected outlay of finances saved ever so carefully for that lifelong vacation. None the less, the invasion is thrust upon us.

The key is our response to these occasions. Recently, I had an opportunity to experience such an event. I awoke late one morning and found myself racing to get off to work only to be stuck knee deep in a bumper to bumper traffic jam that would double my usual commute time. A still small voice whispered in my heart, ‘What makes you believe that this is not My plan for you this morning?’ I immediately recognized this to be the Lord and quickly tallied the long list of tasks I had assigned to myself and requiring my attention that morning. Assigning blame to my having forgotten to set the alarm that morning, I clamored my sorrow in not having spent more time with Him that morning as well.

Then I heard a most unusual set of words, “I hold time in My hand”. All of a sudden I was gravely aware of my sin and the response I had to the ‘interruptions’ of my day. Who’s day? Wow, mine, and with that had limited my Lord and Savior by my selfish control of ‘time and timing’. My heart sank as I recognized how far from Him I had gone with my self-centered plans to ‘get ‘er done’. God, will You please forgive me? Oh, heart of mine, surrender to your Lord. Ps. 31:15 says this and I prayed, “My times are in Your hand; deliver me from the hand of my enemies and from those who persecute me.” 

So, what is the enemy of time for you?