Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 5 - Five Golden Rings

It was shortly after New Year’s Day and I was taking a walk in the forest near my home. As I turned the corner deeper into the woods, I saw from the corner of my eye a woman standing in the midst of the trees. I approached her and it seemed she was frantically searching for something.  I could hear her call, “Ringer, Spanky…” I later learned these were the names of the family dogs. The family’s two Chihuahuas had become lost on New Year’s Eve and now four days later, the entire family was becoming overcome with their loss. To complicate things, she was now becoming worried about her 15yr. old son. One of the Chihuahuas, ‘Ringer’ was his to care for and now their son, who struggled with autism, was so sad and depressed that he was unable to come out of his room. So there in the forest together we talked and prayed and asked God to help find and return the two treasured pets.

I completed my walk and proceeded with the weekend of activities. Then on Sunday afternoon there came a knock on my front door. Opening the door I met three Latino adults who were trying desperately to explain in broken English that they had two dogs and asked could I possibly know who they may belong too. It seemed beyond my wildest dreams, could the dogs be that of the woman I had recently met!  The three standing before me explained that they had been visiting a neighbor in the area on New Year’s Eve and found two Chihuahuas running in the street as they left for the night.  Not wanting the dogs to be hit by a car, they had taken the dogs home with them (40 miles away) in hopes to return later and find the owners. This was Sunday, now five days after having found them and the first time the three could borrow a car to return to the area.  I was shocked, overjoyed and through broken communication, quickly agreed to take the dogs into my care and safely return them to their owners.

That evening was one of joyful reunion and I was so blessed to have been a part of God’s plan. The entire family arrived at my door and as I swung the door open, the 15yr old son rushed past me to find his precious Ringer. Everyone was talking, telling the story, crying, laughing and praising God. Together we thanked God. It was truly a God action, beyond the barriers of the mundane, He had showed up BIG!  That weekend we all saw it, God Himself, welcomed and asked for, came rushing into everyday life and swallowed us up with His love and joy in divine connection.  

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