Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 6 - Six Geese a Laying

It was already showing signs of becoming a harsh winter. The house was over 65 years old, a ‘shotgun’ style leftover from the 1940s. Its old wooden floors now whistled the chilling wind right through the boards and money had been tight, mostly non-existent. With the new baby’s arrival and Cara’s husband just starting a new job, it was better to keep the heating bill way down. They accomplished this by closing off most of the rooms in the house and confining their space to the living area in front of the fire. Her husband Bob had even moved the bed into that room.

It had been a rough couple of weeks and as a new mother, Cara just wanted to do everything possible to care and love this precious new life. As the last of the firewood was laid on the fire, they sat together by it awestruck over the sweet gift of a son. Offering a short prayer they whispered, “Lord, please help us. You know this is the last of our wood. Could You bring us what we need to stay warm? – Amen.”

The night drifted into darkness and they settled in for the cold night before them. Suddenly from the backyard came a large crash, then again and again. Cara and Bob jumped up and rushed with the baby to the back of the house and stared into the crisp blackness with amazement. There standing in the bed of an old pick-up truck was a friend slinging freshly cut cord wood down and mounting into piles some four feet high. Bob rushed out to help and came to learn that it seemed his friend could not get to sleep that night…something kept nagging him to come over with a load of wood to our house. So he got up and did it!

Such an answer to prayer in so many special ways – Thank You God.