Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 7 - Seven Swans a Swimming

Brad and Pamela were becoming fearless in their prayers in pursuit of God’s plans for them. Pamela had been resigned from her job for over a year now and with children all grown and living their own lives and a quiver of grandchildren to enjoy, they were beginning to sense a pull towards the ‘next great adventure’ with God.  What a radical prayer that can be. It was now February and following some painful repercussions from a surgery, Brad found himself on a prolonged journey of disability from his secular job. Yet, he felt that God had His hand on this plan. With uncertainty of how the provisions would come, he settled in for what lay ahead.

What had been laid before them was training in preparation for the work in ministry. Having just completed a certification as a chaplain and as a facilitator for family groups with PTSD, Brad knew there was more God had in mind. And boy was there!

He and Pamela were confronted with a large opportunity beyond what they could even begin to imagine: a  call to become trained as a Prayer Ministers. What that entailed was costly (in more ways than one). The whole idea of this seemed familiar, something like when Brad had first met his wife who had a 2 and 3 year old some 26 years previous….She had said then, “Do you really know what you’re getting into” and Brad felt the same way now.

Faced with no regular income and the need for advanced training to meet their goal in ministry the cost  added up to  something over $2,000.00 which would be needed for the next step. Here was their prayer ….HELP! How, God!

Suddenly, from out of the blue a lawyer from New Mexico called Brad with an offer to buy a piece of land from Brad, which had been listed for sale on the market for over 2-1/2 years. An agreement was met and it was sold for what Brad and Pamela had paid for it years ago. Those funds came in one week prior to their need to travel north for the training. There were many miracles which surrounded that journey.  Another noteworthy one included, that at the end of the 2 weeks of training, Brad received a call with a job from the same organization to which he had earlier been released.

We stand amazed at the hand of God moving over His children.

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