What Are You Feasting On?

Have you stowed away some long forgotten part of your life? That place where you believed, because of the season of fear and terror that nothing good could possibly come from such an experience? Perhaps you decided to push it far from your heart and mind in order that somehow, if only you could finally get that part right, then maybe life would return to you, your family, your job, community, your world.

Here's the secret to living...surrender. Yes, open your hands and give those parts and seasons into the only hands designed to carry such loads of burden and loss. His name is Jesus, The Christ. Perhaps you have heard of Him or once experienced the pleasure of His unfailing love. He has already accomplished the blood-born price necessary to redeem all that concerns your heart. Open your hand and give Him this pain and fear of the forgotten and watch as He renders a harvest of LIFE back to you dearest friend. It is His love, wait for His mercies: for they are new every morning. (Molly’s interpretation of Lamentations 3:22-23)