Being There...Walking with Others in Love After Harvey, Irma and Fires in the NW

They gave all they could and now 'they' were the ones in need of help. Harvey had ripped the roof right off their home and they were still living in the hotel FEMA had provided. Who are 'they'? People from every walk of life, doctors, lawyers, politicians, young, old, and everything in between. The weather had played no favorites in the ravages of loss and destruction. 


Now 3 weeks later, everyone would like things to be 'back to normal' but look around; it's not. In Houston, what was a 50 minute commute is now 1-1/2 to 2 hours - one way! The lines are long depending on the type of store you are going to, or sometimes the store is totally gone. People are at work (if the business survived) but are still in some level of shock as they continue to piece together their family and lives. Everywhere you look there is suffering, and some type of loss. 

These are just a few of the hallmarks of trauma and anyone can become shattered by its effects. Today, as we go about our day, may we remember to shed the hope and love of our Christ into those dark places. Remember, grief is a part of life and there must be a readjustment period, a place to take in the new acceptances long before being able to resume life again. Below are some helpful tips as you have the opportunity to be that listening ear.

  • Listen, Listen, Listen
  • Weep with those who weep (Rom. 12:15b)
  • Don't pressure them 
  • Be a safe and confidential place to process unresolved feelings (anger, regrets, fear, etc)


Wondering how you can help too in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey?  We advocate these 2 non-profit organizations: