Plight of the Cottonwood Seed, Part 2 of 3

Written By Gerri Wilson and Vicki Freligh


Quickly, my life translated into that of a cottonwood seed. I saw myself tightly tucked up in the corner of an open seedpod---still in the tree. Like watching a movie, I recognized numerous incidents over the years where I had chosen not to risk. For the most part, I had lived my whole life afraid of landing on the water! 

“So, Lord, if You’re okay with this seed not becoming a cottonwood tree, what is it You DO want from a cottonwood seed?”

“What delights Me, Gerri, is when the seed longs to become a tree! I created it with exactly that passion. Where the seed lands and what becomes of it is up to Me. I watch over each one.”

All of a sudden the responsibility to know how to “NOT land on the water” lifted off my shoulders! I was now free to risk --- knowing my final destiny was in God’s hands. My job was to come out of the shadows, allow the sun to dry me out (so my puff-wings could sprout) and let the natural course of events unfold! At that moment, I understood my truest destiny was in agreeing to enjoy the journey with Him!


Six months after our shared “epiphany” in the hot tub, the ministry we were involved in folded. Gerri and I suddenly found ourselves jobless and homeless! This was so out of our box I suspected God was doing something. I settled down to listen to Him…”This is your opportunity to combine art and prayer ministry, Vicki. Will you risk it with Me?”

Knowing Gerri would understand if I put it to her this way, I said, “I think it’s time to be cottonwood seeds. We have nothing but a car roof over our heads, Gerri. I believe God is telling us it’s time to try prayer ministry and art together. Are you ready to let go and FLY?”


The nano-second Vicki posed the question, I knew it was God. Two weeks later we were packing Vicki’s car with way too much luggage. Ministry doors had opened to give us three weeks of counseling appointments in Southern California. With little clue of how art and prayer ministry could go together, we said, “Yes” to this adventure. The wind of God’s Spirit would take us! Our part was to delight in the journey and see what He would do.


The last square inch of cargo space in my little red car was filled. Dear friends were hugged good-bye, blessings were spoken and hands were waved. Although snow clouds hugged Northern Idaho the morning of February 2nd, 2003, our horizon was wide and free! I was behind the wheel and we’d be driving out of this weather soon enough.

To be continued in Part 3...

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