Plight of the Cottonwood Seed, Part 3 of 3

By Gerri Wilson and Vicki Freleigh


Tonight we’d be in Riggins, Idaho and tomorrow in Utah. My “moment in time” was now and I was trusting Jesus with the outcome!


I began to say what, for me, were silent prayers at the start of any trip: “Please, Jesus, keep Vicki and me safe.” I denied my tendency to imagine the worst by thinking, “Oh that couldn’t happen. Jesus wouldn’t let it.” Then I remembered the cottonwood seed landing on the water! I thought of people like Keith Green and all the Christians who’d died in the Twin Towers on 9/11. Yes, it COULD happen! I recalled His words to me in the hot tub…”Where the seed lands and what becomes of it is up to Me. I watch over each one.”

Suddenly, I was overcome by His immense pleasure in my decision to risk failure. What a thrill to be following my heart on the path He had laid out for me! A deep satisfaction of completeness swept into my being. I finally was aware that I fit in this universe. If I died today, it was well with me. Then, suddenly – our pudgy little red car was spinning in a graceful dance all over the winter highway!


Fifteen minutes into our adventure I rounded a blind curve a little too fast. An oncoming car was just starting to cross over the double-yellow line. When I swerved to avoid the collision, my rear wheels dug into slushy snow. The steering wheel refused to respond to my commands! I can still remember the string of swirling snapshots passing across my windshield. Highway, mountain wall, highway, cliff, highway, mountain wall, highway…..

Adrenalin must have turned on the slow motion camera as a flood of thoughts came pouring through my mind at a snail’s pace: “Our journey is over already – we’re landing on the water! Here comes the embankment. I’ve killed Gerri! At least we ‘flew’. We’re going to roll! This luggage in the back seat is so heavy. If Gerri is hurt, it’s my fault! At least we ‘flew’. How can we survive this? We can’t! Oh Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”..…

(Gerri and Vicki)

We didn’t know fear and peace could exist simultaneously, but they can. Under- girding us amidst the highway flurry was an abiding peace --- or was it Joy? Deep, deep inside our hearts was the satisfaction that we had finally “flown”!!! If our journey was supposed to end now, we had fulfilled our call.

Vicki and Gerri continued combining prophetic art with Prayer ministry for eleven more years, ministering in most of these United States and parts of Canada. Today there are approximately 5,000 anointed drawings which, when shared, still bring revelations and healing to hurting hearts!  

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