The Revival

A participant in our Restoring Glory ~ Healing Shame Series, Joshua Smith, was so stirred by the battle at hand around shame that he composed the following poem during the July 16th class and gave us permission to share.  Be encouraged!

The Revival

I live now in my darkest hour, 

My spiritual fruit begins to sour.

An evil force has now taken hold. 

My heart's lust is now uncontrolled. 


The enemy grows strong. 

His presence feels wrong. 

I can fight him no longer. 

Defeated, I grow somber. 


Darkness closes in, 

As my heart fills with sin.  

I lay here with dread, 

In the valley of the dead. 


I see a light in the distance, 

I ponder it's existence. 

It shines very bright, 

Through all the darkness in sight.


"Take back what is mine!"

Said the light with a voice like a lion. 

"Reclaim your heart, 

For we are never apart."


I am now filled with power, 

I stand like a tall tower. 

No longer will I lay, 

The Holy Spirit and I have a demon to slay. 

By: Joshua G. Smith