Many Faces of Family - July 2018

Path To Life

This picture illustrates the small gate and narrow path that leads to life.  Matthew 7:14. 

thumbnail_IMG_3592 (2)_edited-1HWH.jpg

 Since my journey with the Lord began, I’ve been searching for the path that leads to abundant life. However, I couldn’t find it because I was too filled up with pride, anger, and resentment.  In order to protect myself, I created shields and structures which didn’t allow Jesus in to work, fully bless and honor me in life.  I often morphed into other shapes and sizes (the diamond) in order to become what I thought others wanted me to be.   Today through the work in prayer ministry, I am on the trajectory to enter into abundant life and all the Lord has for me.  As you can see now, I am the right shape, about the right size, and have been emptied of the weights that used to hold me captive. The Holy Spirit surrounds me, protects me, and guides me.   I am moving towards the gate.  God has me, and we work together as I move into His promises for my life.

The Many Faces of Family:


Each and every story matters. We all have a need to be seen, known and welcomed to come and share our part. The Many Faces of Family is one of the ways we will share stories and interviews of those who are living out their journey of healing to say, “We believe God can transform our pain into compassion for others.” Join us as we learn more about brothers and sisters, parts of the community of Christ, who share who they are, where they’ve been, some of the mess, and what it takes to journey home again.