Many Faces of Family - Sept. 2018

Rivers of Living Water from Within

Excitement comes from Christ within

And I can feel the energy all around me, in me,

From the depths of my spirit bubbling up and overflowing into rivers.

What is happening? So quickly. So fast.

I can hardly contain myself and my excitement for life,

My purpose, my destiny, and it’s all within reach.


Resurrection is happening!

The parts that were dead are now alive

Growing, multiplying, and producing good fruit.

The wounds have been healed and restored in Christ

I am beginning to live.


A long slow process to heal yes it takes time,

It’s not a quick fix as much as I wanted it to be.

I trusted He would know best

My Father, my God, my Guide, and my Redeemer.  

I hoped for the ultimate gift -  

To live as the resurrected “true image” of the woman He created me to be.


I light up now like never before and my heart is alive!

It propels and motivates me forward,

Trusting, hoping, entering in, pressing in, instead of wading

Like before, when fear used to be my friend.

Fear was my motivator, my end.


I always prayed for love to motivate me, and He has answered me.

Who would’ve thought the answer to my prayers

Would come through prayer ministry?

God used prayer ministry to awaken my spirit,

To light me up, ablaze! Fire! Smoke! Alarm.

I feel it coming I know it’s here, I can hardly contain myself

My excitement grows fierce.


The enemy is a liar and will always be

Today I can stomp on his lies and let myself free.

I give thanks to Jesus Christ for healing my heart

And letting me play a triumphant part!


The Many Faces of Family:

Each and every story matters. We all have a need to be seen, known and welcomed to come and share our part. The Many Faces of Family is one of the ways we will share stories and interviews of those who are living out their journey of healing to say, “We believe God can transform our pain into compassion for others.” Join us as we learn more about brothers and sisters, parts of the community of Christ, who share who they are, where they’ve been, some of the mess, and what it takes to journey home again.