Which Button Would You Push?

At a restaurant the other day a friend and I overheard a group of people at a neighboring table discussing a question one of their group posed. The question was, "If you could push one button and have something in your life magically change what button would you push?"

While I don't normally listen in on others’ conversations, my friend and I were intrigued by the question and, I must confess, we continued to listen!

What we discovered by the answers was hugely disappointing. Each person in the group readily revealed the life change their button would accomplish - and each of the changes was focused only on worldly material subjects. They wanted to change various things about their physical bodies - taller, shorter, loss of weight so they were thin, more muscles, genius level IQ, bigger ---- well, you can guess these. Then people wanted to erase their lifelong financial mistakes and be, if not extremely comfortable financially then outright wealthy, to never need to give a thought to finances again. There was discussion about houses, cars, travel, adventure seeking vacations, people to take care of all cleaning, cooking, lawn work, chauffeurs, nanny's, masseuses, different careers, the need to never work again, better grades in school, being able to play the guitar better and be part of a famous rock band.... and the list simply grew as the discussion continued.

Not one person mentioned anything about changing their spirit, soul, family or inner man. Why would you not push a button that would cancel out all of the bitter root judgments and inner vows you have made? Why would you not push a button to disable every single curse that was ever sent against your family line - cleansing your generations all the way back to the beginning of time? What about changing every blessing ever given to your family so that it falls to you in the absolute fullness in which it was intended instead of just receiving a part of the blessing due to sin, iniquities and other blocking factors? Why would you not push a button that would reveal every lie you have ever believed and replace the lies with God's truth? What about pressing a button that would remove a slumbering spirit from you and everyone you know? What if your pushed button removed all blocks to you receiving God's love? Why not push a button to make anything and everything that would come into your life to pull you away from this relationship with the Father, Son and Spirit be completely shut out and kept as far from you as the East is from the West, as the present is from the past and the future? And if you know nothing about any of the above, why would you not, at the very least, push a button that would reset the moment that you asked Jesus into your life - so that very important decision was made as early in your life as possible so you had all of the seconds of your earthly life to build an ever deepening relationship with Him?

While I do not believe in "magic", I do believe and trust that my amazingly good, kind and loving God can accomplish every healing we may need in our lives. In a way, God is our button - we need to take action and ask Him to help us, to heal us, to guide us to people He has already trained in His inner healing principles so that they may help accomplish His will in our lives. Inner healing is a real goal to work toward as it not only frees us personally, but it always has far reaching tremendously powerful positive effects upon our families as well.

So, which button would you like to push?

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Bethany Young