The Many Faces of Family: February 2019

By Guest Author Andrea Stets

 Like a wall in a coal mine...there comes a beam of light that catches a brilliance along the the miner has been digging for hours, now he stops to take a break and wipe the sweat of hard work away....then...something catches his attention from the corner of his eye, a glimpse of the sparkling glimmer...he begins to dig again, now with renewed vigor, what thrill it brings his heart as he has found that glimmer, amidst the coal, it’s a gem...a prize of its own!

 We Christians are those gems, to the Lord who is tireless to find each one of us. 

Some of us are in deeper than others, but we are all in need of being found and refined.  


 We are His Treasure! 

 He's with us Forever!  

Guest Author