Remembering Your Monster

When going through healing we often face what many call, their “monsters”. They may be literal monsters straight from the enemies camp. Others may simply be those lies we’ve believed, or obstacles in our path (many created by ourselves) that seem so much larger than us. Those huge seemingly insurmountable monsters.

In either case – it is difficult to completely forget and never again think about these “monsters” in our lives. As we continue through our process we each have a choice in how to handle these memories –

1) Remember and allow the enemy to creep into our thoughts planting his lies in order to resurrect the monster and pull us even deeper into whatever quagmire of death and destruction it represents.

2) Have a picture of your defeated monster to pull out any time the enemy tries to bring it back to life! Shove the picture into the enemies face and remind him and yourself of the victorious battle you have already fought to completely defeat your monster. Remind the enemy and yourself of all that Jesus did to help you stand with your foot on your dead monsters neck lifting your sword with a shout of victory to the heavens celebrating your freedom!

Never allow the enemy to pull you back in – especially to a place you have already conquered with the authority of God and His stamp of approval. Just remind everyone – yourself most of all, and stand secure on the truth of God’s triumph in and with you!