The Many Faces of Family - June 2019

Hidden Gems

It’s our response to the ‘test’ that gets to the heart of the matter. It tells us whether we are truly walking out the occasion as a spiritual blessing or a burden. Many times, I found myself ‘gritting my teeth’ and just enduring until the trial passed. To accomplish the goal, I completed the daunting work and just made do with the limited resources at my disposal. My eyes rested only on my release, and I completely lost sight of the hidden gems in the ordinary strain of the journey.

Let me share an example from a present situation. My immediate supervisor at work is leaving, and when I heard the news, I was devastated. He is one of the best people I have ever crossed paths with in Healthcare. Amid the transition and in the absence of a guiding physician, I’ve been placed in a position to make difficult decisions about which departmental programs and processes to keep and which to abandon. In the past, I would have grumbled rather than share the test or acknowledge my feelings of sadness, fear, and loss with God and trusted friends.

Today, the occasion is different because Jesus has healed more areas of my heart. I’m able to recognize, verbalize, and feel the test. With this new perspective, I can inquire of the Lord about next steps. Several programs were a collaborative effort, and consequently, many inter-departmental discussions and teamwork were needed for solutions. The results have been remarkable, and collectively, we have come up with ideas to eliminate some programs and inform leadership about others requiring more resources to improve productivity.

I was under the impression people understood the value of my department’s work; however, I found the transition highlighted our importance and opened the door for much needed and longed for support. I received a refreshing revelation by witnessing staff pick up the mantle and choose programs to be further redesigned and others to remain. In this test, I am seeing with new vision, and I feel less burdened by inviting God to bring about the changes! Coworkers are accepting the invitation to bring their part through giftings and ideas, and to own, impart, and become givers of new life in fresh ways.

Thank you, God for the opportunity to grow and see your hidden treasures in the testing!