Elijah House School of Ministry:  Course 202

Elijah House School of Ministry: Course 202

Course 201 is a prerequisite.

This school also combines a live and facilitated video school led and taught by His Whole House Staff. The format is provided on weekends or over a consecutive period of days.  This content is for those who wish to gain deeper understanding in key areas and is a prerequisite for consideration into the Mentor Partnership or Internship Programs.

Like Course 201, this format lends itself to formation of lasting bonds with fellow students from across the Body of Christ.  Our courses are typically held in Kingwood and Katy Texas but the school can be offered in another region upon request.

Course Titles Include:

  • Restoring Childhood Foundations

  • Prenatal & Childhood Issues, Part 1

  • Prenatal & Childhood Issues, Part 2

  • Identifications of Love

  • Denial

  • Profile of the Abuser

  • Healing the Sexually Abused

  • Emotional Abuse

  • Spiritual Slumber

  • Spiritual Captivity

  • Generational Sin

  • Healing the Effects of the Occult

  • Sexual Addictions

  • Depression

  • Fractured Heart & Relationships

  • Unresolved Grief

  • Homosexuality

  • Spiritual Adultery

  • Sources of Sexual Issues

  • Burnout

  • Making Healing Relationships Safe

  • Cutting Free

  • Care & Feeding of the Spirit

  • Healing Our Children's Hearts

People who complete Course 202 are often also interested in the HWH Internship Program and Mentor Partnership Program



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