Internship Program

An internship is a form of experiential education that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skill development in a structured setting. It can be a great way to become trained to add to or follow a new career path of biblically-based prayer minister or lay counselor. Key elements of an Internship include:

- Established duration: full or part-time options available to meet the needs of the individuals’ schedule;

- Hours: vary depending upon the availability of the intern and client appointment schedules;

- Structure: incorporates a team of trained and dedicated staff, resources, and project guidelines to direct the experience;

- Learning: His Whole House provides opportunities and experiences for the intern that are not directly related to tasks or projects associated with the Internship to aid the student and their career interests;

- Reflection: situations are created and designed which allow the intern to review and reflect with new learning opportunities while closely supervised so as not to compromise client sessions;

- Evaluation: students are provided a one-on-one evaluation after every 12 hrs. of session visits with clients throughout the internship;

- Compensation: There is no financial compensation to the student during an Internship.

His Whole House actively supports participation in an internship experience that provides dedicated supervision and mentoring for each person. Intern Supervisors, who are seasoned prayer counselors, assist the student with experiences, goal setting, taking the knowledge gained in study and connecting it with activities the share the realities of walking with another person in honor, respect and courtesy as they (the client) discover God’s healing power and the music of their own heart. 

Training and mentorship are the hallmarks of an Internship in Prayer Ministry. HWH believes in providing a solid biblically-based training to those who sense a leading to enter into the work of Prayer Ministry counselling. John Sandford, founder of Elijah House International defines Prayer Ministry as being an “evangelist to the unbelieving areas of a believer’s heart.”

The Internship provides an opportunity to both experience and learn alongside a seasoned Prayer Minister. Each HWH Ministry Supervisor is an Elijah House “trained” Prayer Minister. Our Interns are provided on-going opportunities to study Prayer Ministry tools, follow clients alongside an assigned mentor, participate in current ministry events and, depending on the progress level of the intern, use the tools in Prayer Ministry in actual client sessions (with the client’s permission). The daily living needs of each Intern are considered when setting up an Internship that is customized to the individual, allowing for flexibility of schedules and credit based on the spiritual and life experience assessed during the first level of the Internship.


  • Completion of Elijah House School of Ministry – Course 201

  • Completion of Elijah House School of Ministry – Course 202

  • Receive a Prayer Ministry Intensive by an Elijah House trained Prayer Minister

  • Receive on-going personal Prayer Ministry (at minimum every 6 months) during the internship

  • Completed Internship Application

  • Acceptance into the HWH Internship Program

Completion of the HWH Mentoring Program allows for credits to be applied so that individuals who wish to continue training can have those credits added to their Internship application and the entry level for the Internship adjusted.


Internship I - Criteria

Internship II - Criteria

Internship III - Criteria

–    Meets pre-requisite criteria

–     36 hrs. Prayer Ministry session observation 

–     72 hrs.  Prayer Ministry session observation with invitation to participate by the Ministry Program Supervisor

–     Completion of Internship Volumes (1-3) - reading, homework, discussion and feedback by Ministry Program Supervisor

–     Evaluation by the Ministry Program Supervisor following each 12 hrs.of sessions

–     Recommendation to transition to Internship II

– Meets criteria from Internship I

– 144 hrs. minimum invited to participate and co- minister in Prayer Ministry sessions w/Ministry Program Supervisor

– Completion of Internship Volumes (4-7) - reading, homework, discussion and feedback by Ministry Program Supervisor

– Internship Project assignment

– Evaluation by the Ministry Program Supervisor following each 12 hrs. of sessions

– Recommendation by the Ministry Program Supervisorto transition to Internship III

– Meets criteria from Internship I & II

– 108 hrs. minimum residency with HWH to lead with the Ministry Program Supervisor

– Take clients with the Instructor on-site

– Completion of Internship Volumes (8-10) - reading, homework, discussion and feedback by Ministry Program Supervisor

– Completion of an Internship project (based on the needs of HWH or Elijah House)

– Evaluation by the Ministry Program Supervisor following each 12 hrs. of sessions

Upon Completion of all phases of the Internship Program you will:

Cost of Internship

Successfully complete the requirements of Internship I, II & III.

Co-minister with and take clients with a Prayer Minister on site.

Able to consistently collaborate with the HWH ministry team on matters of ministry

Eligible to be considered for a staff position as a Prayer Minister with HWH.

Eligible to apply to Elijah House to become a “trained” Elijah House Prayer Minister.

  • Prayer Ministry Intensive – (9 to 12 hours) – donation suggested

  • Personal Prayer Ministry Sessions (on-going) - (1-1/2 hours) – donation suggested

  • Internship I - $22.92 per/session (108 hrs.)

  • Internship II - $22.92 per/session (144 hrs.)

  • Internship III - $22.92 per/session (108 hrs.)