Ministers Of Reconciliation Everywhere

In any ministry, there is often an abundance of work and few laborers. Over the past several years, His Whole House has held a number of Elijah House Schools and graduated many who do not have their own ministry but long to be used by the Lord.  As a member of a MORE team, we can now provide these graduates of like passion and love for people with an avenue to share their hearts and impart to others the transforming work of the Holy Spirit done in them!

Working as a team, members are refreshed by updated lessons and walking out ministry in a very fluid and informal way. Each event is couched in intercession and prayers calling forth in unity the various gifts and talents of the team and their ministry experience. Engaged in pursuit together, we are learning what it means to interact with each other and attune our hearts and spirits with Father God’s to discover His plan and desire for each event and people group. Joined together by a common heart, this has not only ministered to those we are serving, but has also become a table from which to build up the body of Christ with mutual love and respect.  The “Net Works”!

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Assist in training

MORE Team participants are eligible for team assignments. May include; altar ministry, speaking engagements, conferences, workshops, community emergency/disaster relief, seminars, or when invited, short-term mission trips to areas throughout the world.


support at events

 With the MORE Team concept, members can participate with His Whole House in short term events (seminars, conferences) and projects. Lending support to HWH in various ways allows us to help stir the hearts of others toward their own healing.   


Community response

M.O.R.E. Teams (MinistersOf Reconciliation Everywhere) are activated in times of natural disaster or other community crisis situations to be available as volunteers to provide assistance to local responders in the community.  



 by  HWH Administrator, Pauline LaPorte

i've prayed for opportunities to example the love of God to others. I know I'm not the only one to have prayed this prayer. I have found opportunities in daily life, outreaches and missions trips. And now, having completed Elijah House Course 201 and 202 and attended a Green Tree 2013, I wonder how I can use the gift of these tools outside of prayer ministry sessions.

The MORE Team concept is very appealing to me: Ministers Of Reconciliation Everywhere. People working in teams, who have studied the principles and tools used at Elijah House, may participate as altar ministers, small group leaders of facilitated video schools or small group leaders at seminars and training events. And this is just the beginning.

Whether you are a pastor, elder, parent, young adult, professional or civic citizen wanting to be used of God, everyone should consider becoming part of a MORE Team. Who needs a platform when we can just 'be'.  This is what is asked of us, to live loved and to give it away. 

We're just getting started and we envision going into prisons, foreign and domestic missions, communities, churches, schools, and hospitals to share the gift of reconciliation ... everywhere.  MORE Teams. What are YOU waiting for?

By Beverly Blackstone

I have had the opportunity to minister with His Whole House as a MORE team member in several venues. I consider it such a terrific opportunity to "come alongside" other seekers, and I have been personally blessed by each breakthrough a seeker may experience.

After I completed the Elijah House video Prayer Counseling Ministry training in 1998, I have been privileged to minister as a Biblical counselor full-time for many years. I'm always looking for additional avenues in which to touch lives and to see God heal hearts. Participation in a MORE team re-confirms God's leading and calling in my life. For anyone who believes God is directing them to be an agent of healing for others, I believe MORE team involvement is an excellent place to "get your feet wet" and see if God confirms the call.

Also, spending time with Molly McNamara and witnessing what God is unfolding for His Whole House is such an exciting journey. It enriches my personal growth and ongoing healing, and demonstrates the impact that one life, committed to God, can accomplish! 

by Katie Tyre

My involvement with the MORE teams has been a delightful experience.  I see this as a valuable opportunity for those who have received the Elijah House Training to be able to put what has been learned into practice.  So often we learn principles but never really share the things we have learned with others.  The MORE team provided me an avenue in which to do that.  They also may be beneficial in helping a person to see their own purpose and potential areas of ministry.  Lord, teach us all to be Ministers Of Reconciliation Everywhere!