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Sample Prayer to Restore True Love


Father, I affirm again my love for You. I confess that I have formed a false picture of love, such as _________________. These are limiting my ability to feel and receive Your love in the multitude of ways You express Yourself. I repent and ask Your forgiveness for the smallness of my vision of love. I welcome You to show me (any suppressed feelings - name them if you’re aware) when I have not been able to receive love in the false picture I have created. I give You my pictures of what I believed love to be, and I ask You to show me any that I am not aware of.

Bring these limited views to death on Your cross, the so-called “positive” as well as the negative views. I see how I have hurt my spouse, siblings, family, children, friends and coworkers when I do not receive the ways they expressed Your care. I see how I have insisted others fit into my molds, not allowing them to be themselves.

Forgive me, Father, for my demands toward loved ones and for this idolatry. I repent for judgements against my parents and others for not giving adequate love, such as_(name them, if you’re aware)_____. I forgive those who tempted me to make an idol of love - coming only in a specific way. Cleanse me. Open my eyes to see You and others in new and surprising ways. Help me hear Yours and others’ words of love. Grant me a heart to say and do the things that will love and bless others, and the courage to go outside my comfort zone to draw nurture from You and those You have placed in my life to bless me.

In the Name of Jesus, Amen

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How Well Are We Listening?


Answer each of the below questions with a “Yes” or “No”. Be ready to share if your answer was “No” to any of the questions.


1. Does she/he usually look at you when you’re talking?

Yes or No (If no, be ready to share)

2. Do they wait for you to finish talking before responding?

3. In your opinion, does she/he make understanding the goal?

4. She/he is usually sensitive to my immediate needs?

5. She/he makes it a practice to check their own emotions?

6. Does she/he usually suspend ‘judgement’ until they get the whole story?

7. She/he is able to sum up what I’m saying at key intervals?

8. She/he asks questions for clarification, if needed?

9. She/he communicates to me that listening is their priority?

*His Whole House 2019. Use with Permission Only. Contact His Whole House