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Light, Frequencies & God

Light was created by God.

Have you ever considered that your spirit is made of light?

“The spirit of man is the lamp of the LORD, searching all the innermost parts of his being” (Prov 20:27).

“Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matt. 5:16).

Light is made up of particles called protons and behaves mainly like a wave. The proton waves carry fixed amounts of energy, dependent on the length of the wave. Each light wave, with its corresponding size or frequency being carried along, is visible in a spectrum of color.

In the beginning, as God spoke, He created, and all of creation and humanity came to be. Frequencies and sound were a part of the very first day, as God established the blueprint and foundation for all of creation (Genesis 1). God said, "Let there be light," and there was light, and there was evening and morning on the first day.

Often, we overlook the impact of that first day. God was not establishing light as we think of light today, for that wasn't created until the fourth day when God created the sun, moon, and stars. God had already established light – the light of His character running through everything and displayed throughout the cosmos via sound and frequency.

Even our voices leave a sound and frequency signature that registers upon our systems, parts, and components. Using frequencies, our voice signature releases into the atmosphere a sound that is specific to the energy our soul and body are carrying and feeding from. This is why our worship time with God can be so refreshing as the release of sound itself carries frequencies to usher in restoration and peace. Music is a universal language and we all understand where sounds flow from various instruments. Well, our voices are instruments too.

At His Whole House (HWH), we are discovering that when we practice our Christianity through the principles God has afforded us, problems can be dismantled with more ease and finesse. “My yoke is easy, and my burden is light” are not just words, for in those words is the power to transform in its application.

Over the summer we completed an 11-week research pilot to learn more about the communication of frequencies within the body, our soul, and the environment. Using bio-frequencies and neuroscience, together our pilot participants helped measure specific areas of self-awareness, emotional balance, and resilience to disease, alongside other modest lifestyle changes.

We are thankful to Tonia Borowski who led this project for the many hours of data aggregation and tedious review. We learned some things and will be continuing to analyze the results, but for now, here are some preliminary highlights.

26 participants enrolled in the pilot. After an online pilot orientation, each person submitted a daily voice recording and in return received a distinctive set of music frequencies founded on their unique voice signature. Each participant was asked to play back the music frequencies for 3 to 10 minutes and repeat the process as many times per day as possible.

54% played the songs 1-2 times per/day.

The voice recordings were put through a data repository which reviewed the voice frequencies against 11 body systems. The tones and frequencies reports indicated areas of the body which might be affected with an imbalance and would benefit from the tones. The 3 body systems (in descending order) which showed imbalances most often were [1] Nervous System [2] Digestive System [3] Respiratory System.

Using a 12-note chromatic scale - C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, and B, participants were asked to play back a set of specific balancing harmonics based on their voice reflection. This process was repeated daily over a 4-day period each week for the duration of the pilot. A feedback form allowed participants to provide weekly impressions and conclusions describing their body and emotional responses.

Our hypothesis was that reflecting to themselves, a timely ‘harmonic frequency’ would assist in creating a more balanced ecosystem in the body and emotional wellbeing. Emotions are an essential element of our soul and can either hurt or benefit the body’s health. Our emotions can have a HUGE influence on the disease/healing process. The use of frequencies helps to educate us on what the emotions are doing and how they’re impacting your body!

Areas assessed during the pilot included sleep, energy level, emotional balance, musculoskeletal change, general wellbeing, and spiritual connection. There were some variables in the research questionnaire during weeks 1 through 3 which required our team to re-tool the form. In addition, the sample size diminished over the last several weeks of the pilot before it was complete. Based on these two variations, additional research is suggested.

Results, reflected below, are from the revised tool with measurements based on a scale [major, moderate, minor, or none) reflect improvements based on several pre-selected categories.







Refreshed Awakeness




Increased Dreaming




Needed fewer pick-me-ups (coffee, tea, snacks)


Less Brain Fog


Easier to Focus


Easier Daily Life/Flow (life, energy, processes, timing of things)


ENERGY IMPROVEMENT (more peace, contentment, etc.)


Minor Improvement


Moderate Improvement


Major Improvement


None Noted




Fewer Aches and Pains


More Joint Mobility


Less Back Pain


Decrease in Headaches




Change in overall sense of wellbeing


Change in level of daily discomfort


Change in chronic disease pattern




Greater sensitivity to spirit realm


Greater Discernment


Greater awareness of your spirit, soul, body


Greater awareness of the presence of God throughout your day


It's time to step up your body's performance with this unique educational tool, using your own voice signature. His Whole House only used one of the 5 modules available in this device called the AO scanner. If you would like to learn more, book a 1/hr. consultation with our Executive Director, Molly McNamara who is an RN with over 45 yrs. experience in healthcare and has found it to be “a ‘game changer’ when used alongside the work of Inner healing and other therapeutic modalities.”

If you find yourself swirling in a Newtonian physics mindset over this new tool, know that you aren’t alone. It’s time for us all to grow deeper in the love and understanding of God’s creation. Frequencies are a part of quantum physics operating at the molecular level of our every cell. This branch of physics relates to quantum theory, "allowing for particles to be in two states at the same time".

Our Heavenly Father has created and infused frequencies into every corner of creation. It’s time to level up our understanding of the functions of the cosmos.

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