Training Overview

We provide a variety of opportunities for you or your community to gain tools for your ministry toolbox! Whether you are interested in learning how to experience healing for yourself & family; want to minister more comfortably to others in a more relaxed setting; desire to minister in a more professional setting as a prayer minister/counselor; looking for true equipping for your small group; or wish to delve into a mentor partnership situation.

Here are some of the options HWH has to offer:

Elijah House Schools of Prayer Ministry

The Elijah House School of Ministry was created from the ministry of John and Paula Sandford. The schools mission is to equip, encourage, and release “Ambassadors for Christ” (II Corinthians 5:18 – 20), who will pick up His mantle and continue His mission of restoration and healing.

His Whole House Ministries offers both Course 201 and 202.

We offer instruction in a ministry setting to impart “Keys of Knowledge,” opening the heart to receive truth thereby renewing the mind which results in life transformation through Christ. Led by the Holy Spirit, we consider it a privilege to co-labor with Christ, working to “restore” broken and hurting hearts and reconcile relationships. These schools will help you to discover scriptural answers to many searching questions we all have about life, God, and ourselves. Have you ever wondered why you think, feel, speak and act the way you do? Jesus desires to take you into a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him and others, empowering and releasing us into a new anointing to help others.

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Customized Training

Have you been looking for training for your small group, church, organization or community? His Whole House offers a variety of biblically based trainings on numerous topics. We are happy to work with you or your team to customize a one-day training or longer series for your small group, as well as equipping seminars for lay leaders or large gatherings. Find a partial list of classes offered HERE

Internship Program

An internship is a form of experiential education that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom, with practical application and skill development in a structured setting. It can be a great way to becoming trained to add to or follow a new career path of biblically-based prayer minister or lay counselor. Learn More

Mentor Partnership Program

You asked and we listened! This program targets your personal growth and leadership development. Mentoring is not only for an individual, but also for the benefit of community. We are meant to receive love and give it away.

This program was developed in response to your request to provide more practical keys on growing in relationship and living from the heart of God in a broken world. The Mentor Partnership Program of His Whole House (HWH) takes individuals or couples on a 12 week journey through various training topics, on-line group & one-on-one interactions with access to an on-line resource library accessible via our website to only those who are enrolled or have completed the Mentoring Program. Find Out More!