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Thank you for your choice to give the gift of comfort to someone you care about in the form of a Tender Time Intensive. Comfort is one of the greatest gifts we can ever bestow upon someone, and it is a gift that leaves a forever impact. We appreciate you and your choice to care for the recipient of this gift.

Cost and Payment Disclaimer:

  • Intensives start at $900 and increase by the number of participants included in the intensive sessions. When necessary, traveling expenses of the prayer counselors and other service providers (i.e. massage therapist) may be added to the cost.

  • After the initial contact has been made with the gift recipient, His Whole House financial team will be in contact with you regarding payment details.

  • Services are invoiced 50% pre-scheduled sessions, and the remaining balance is due the last day of the intensive.

Donor Information
Intensive Recipient Information

Below, please share contact informationof the person who will predominately work with His Whole House to schedule and coordinate the event and the participants.

Thanks for submitting!

You will hear back from us soon.

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