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Molly is the founder of His Whole House Ministries (HWH), an ordained/licensed minister and a registered nurse. She currently serves as an Elijah House (EH) trained Prayer Minister and Intern Supervisor; a graduate of the Elijah House Schools of Prayer Ministry, Molly brings her unique testimony of the redeeming love of a gracious heavenly Father.

Mentoring interns and other ministers in the work, Molly shares in a variety of community settings, to include workshops, seminars, small group series, as well as counseling for both individuals and couples. In continued fellowship with Elijah House International, she also teaches and facilitates Elijah House Schools of Prayer Ministry.

Found during her downtime to be playing with her dog Jolie, the Italian Greyhound, Molly also enjoys gardening and hiking and travels over to Northwest America every chance she gets. With a specialty in the area of healing trauma, she adds this flair to her work in the marketplace directing healthcare resources for Houston’s public health system, Harris Health.

Molly’s life scripture is Isaiah 58:12 “Those from among you shall build the old waste places; You shall raise up the foundations of many generations; and you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach, The Restorer of Streets to Dwell In.”


Prayer Minister - Teacher

Pauline is a native of Lake Charles, Louisiana and has worked as the Administrator for His Whole House in the Kingwood, Texas office for the past six years. In addition she is an Elijah House & His Whole House trained and certified prayer minister and works in both the Kingwood and Katy TX offices.

Pauline has had the privilege of being on the mission field in Brazil where she ministered to those living on the streets, and also to children in the rescue house that accommodated and blessed children ages 5 through 17. In addition, Pauline has worked for several  non-profit charities. 

She began with HWH in 2012 and has been instrumental in establishing the processes and procedures in the office. She is on the front line as hurting hearts reach out for ministry, offering a listening ear and Spirit led intercession for those dear ones.

She contributes to live schools as a group leader and also as a teacher in Idaho and the Houston area.

Pauline loves to travel and to connect with friends all around the world. 




Prayer Minister - Teacher

Anna Erickson is an Elijah House trained and certified prayer minister and trainer of prayer ministers. She has contributed to Elijah House live schools as a teacher and group leader in Idaho and the Houston area. In 2017 she served as a supervisor/trainer of prayer ministry interns for Elijah House International Greentree in the Phillipines. She also continues to train interns in the Katy, Texas area. 

Anna has offered prayer ministry from her Katy location since 2013 as part of His Whole House. Previously she ministered from the HWH main office in Kingwood, Texas. She began her studies of Christian counseling at Nottingham College in the UK in 1997. After returning to the US in 2003, she received EH prayer ministry and began training with Elijah House.

Anna is originally from Houston, has been married forty-five years, has three children and two grandchildren. She loves camping and gardening.


Ministry coordinator

Claudia Ornelas is a native Houstonian and graduate of St. John’s School and Princeton University. She holds a bachelor’s degree in American Politics and has extensive experience working in state government and political campaigns on the West and Gulf Coast regions. After receiving Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in 2009, Claudia began her personal healing journey with the Lord and joined a pro-life ministry where she served on staff and shared the love of Christ with homeless pregnant women. She was truly inspired by witnessing God’s power to change and restore lives, and since then, her heart’s desire has been to serve the Kingdom of God.

At His Whole House, Claudia coordinates grant development, partnerships, and training events. Her desire is to see the Body of Christ equipped to receive, understand, and love back to life people who are hurting and in need of inner healing.

She enjoys mountain top experiences, hiking, walking, and the ocean. She loves to engage in prophetic art and write poetry. She’s active at her church in The Woodlands, TX and is social chair of her small group.

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