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Redemptive Gifts & Human Spirit Activation

9 Sessions to a Dynamic True You

Are you finding it hard to ‘fit in’ and connect in community?  Perhaps you have been on your healing journey for a while and not discovered the big ‘master plan’ of your unique design? Healing the past is not the same as redeeming the past. God intends for every facet of our humanity to be purposefully restored to His BIG plan. 

Part of our uniqueness is discovering the 7 redemptive gifts and learning how to leverage their treasures, which can change your worldview. As a child of God, we are weaved together from the same pattern as the Holy Trinity. 

“So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God, He created them; male and female He created them" (Gen. 1:26c-27, NIV).

Our friend Anria Thomas, a fellow minister in South Africa, portrays The Seven Redemptive Gifts (RGs) as having a wide variety of dining options at our fingertips. Each person has all seven RGs within them, yet there is one gift which is the ‘natural bent’ concerning what motivates and moves us. This one gift acts as our ‘default’ – regardless of whether or not we understand the Redemptive Gifts.


As we learn more about being led from our spirit in partnership with the Holy Spirit, we can find deeper access and acceleration within God’s Kingdom agenda when we have all seven of the RGs in full operation. The practice of stretching, and growing, and getting to know our RGs exposes us to the treasures of the many flavors of God’s goodness. Let’s look at the RGs using an analogy of some diverse dining experiences we can share. 

RG Dining With Holy Spirit.png

Prophet:  a gourmet meal. Meaningful design and presentation is the high priority, not to mention making it visually appealing with excellence.

Servant: a barbeque. Can see room for more family and friends to stop and join in. Accepts the ‘charred’ pieces of humanity and slathers them with the tasty sauce of God’s love.

Teacher: an open buffet. Can find anything edible, despite a shortage, and can create an array of spiritual foods as options for community.

Exhorter:  hors d’ oeuvres anyone? Influences large numbers of people through an eye-opening display of God’s heavenly food in an appealing manner.

Giver: a soup kitchen. Able to detect, protect, and bring forth new birth of hope and nurture across generations using wise stewardship.

Ruler: fast-food selection. Lives to impart freedom and reclaim dominion using systems with the idea of producing/delivering/manufacturing of high-demand content at a consistent pace, with the focus on practical large-scale turnover through creating a system that blesses others at any given time. 

Mercy: romantic dinner. Develops a presence of divine celebration. Attends to the heart of the matter and the sense of how God delights to bring fulfillment and joy to the occasion.

Activating your RGs has benefits

  • More access to your right brain (center of creativity) with spiritual maturation with God, others, and yourself.

  • New dimensions of love, and the language that God has always wanted to impart to, in, and through you.

  • Clues of your God-given design and ways to live from a place of identity in divine connection with what is to be accomplished.

  • Added flexibility, honor, and understanding with those with whom you are in relationship: families, workplace, children, parents, teachers, ministry, leaders, teachers, etc.

  • Deepened appreciation of each gift and their differences, allowing for more reconciliation from past and current wounds from community. 

  • Leads to God’s plan for the role of fathering or mothering from a perspective of His discipleship, design, stewardship, and your responsibilities.

The Activation Service is 9 sessions long and requires a time commitment.

  • Session 1 - The community of the human spirit as a whole

  • Session 2 - Ministry to the Prophet Portion

  • Session 3 - Ministry to the Servant Portion

  • Session 4 - Ministry to the Teacher Portion

  • Session 5 - Ministry to the Exhorter Portion

  • Session 6 - Ministry to the Giver Portion

  • Session 7 - Ministry to the Ruler Portion

  • Session 8 - Ministry to the Mercy Portion

  • Session 9 - The Seat of Dominion

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