What is Healing of the Heart?

Healing of the heart refers to the deep inward healing primarily with restoring our emotional and spiritual health. True healing is always from the hand of God as a person comes to recognize places where their heart has been missed, not heard, traumatized or believed in a matter that is not bringing life to them.

God wants to come and bring His truth to heal wounds and the ways in which a person has built a ‘stronghold’ in their heart to protect themselves and meet their own needs. Such healing can also include the releasing of bondages, addictions, compulsive behaviors and substance abuse. Healing frees people from pain and releases them from anxiety and depression. It often helps substantially alongside marriage counseling. Healing is God filling the empty desolate places in our lives and working deeply in a person to bring forth the true self.

His Whole House sees merit and truth in many of the mainstream approaches to healing.  We endeavor to work with the Spirit of God in healing, utilizing ministry tools as the Lord leads.



What is Biblical Counseling?

Biblical counseling is using principles, values and teachings found in the Bible. Jesus Christ is at the center of all that we do. The Bible is informative and also gives us guidance on how to take action when helping people with various issues such as depression, anxiety, fears, pain etc... God's Word not only directs our counseling process and purpose, but it also brings renewed hope, restoration, life purpose and even a sense of destiny to our clients. The scripture says one of the titles for Jesus Christ is "Counselor". Our prayer ministers are counselors who rely upon the guidance of Holy Spirit to bring wonderful life bringing counsel from God so that others may discover healing and freedom!




What is Prayer Ministry?


Prayer ministry is another name for prayer counseling or biblical counseling. It is biblical counseling or ministry using principles, values and teachings found in the Bible. We at His Whole House rely upon the guidance of Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ to help people during ministry sessions. Prayer, at its most basic, is talking to God. During a prayer ministry session we use prayer to invite Holy Spirit to bring healing to areas where we are in need.




What prayer ministry is offered by HWH?

His Whole House offers a variety of types of prayer ministry, including:

Individual Prayer Ministry: One-on-one counseling.

Couples and Family Prayer Ministry: Receive counseling as a couple or family group with one of our prayer ministers.

Intensive Prayer Ministry: An "Intensive" includes 12-hours of private prayer counseling and is typically done on an individual basis, though couples may also be considered. This is scheduled three hours a day for four consecutive days or as otherwise arranged by request. We recommend using the remainder of each day for rest and reflection.

Mini Intensive Prayer Ministry: A mini "Intensive" is a shorter length of time (6 to 8 hrs) of private prayer counseling and is typically done on an individual basis, though couples may also be considered. This is scheduled over 2-3 consecutive days or as otherwise arranged by request. We recommend using the remainder of each day for rest and reflection.

Regular Sessions: For those who wish to regularly receive prayer ministry the sessions are usually 1.5 hours long.

Skype Sessions: We will consider requests for Skype counseling on a case-by-case basis. If agreed upon, a Skype session typically is 1.5 hours long.

Heart Check-ups: This is a follow-up program for established clients who have completed the recommended number of suggested sessions and desire to continue with on-going accompaniment of a prayer minister and regular sessions every three to six months.



At what age am I too old for prayer ministry to make a difference?

 You're never too young or too old for prayer ministry to make a difference!  It's never too late to pursue healing for yourself and your children!



Can children receive Prayer Ministry too?

Children may receive  prayer ministry.  It is most beneficial when parents are also involved.  The earlier in life we learn to apply Godly principles the healthier lives we are able to live!



Do you do Deliverance?

We define deliverance as the ministry of evicting demonic intruders from someone's life. We are not solely a deliverance ministry, but much deliverance does occur as a result of the normal process of healing during prayer ministry.

His Whole House is aware that many good Bible believing Christians do not believe that Christians can have a demon or demons. Some see differences between demon possession vs. influence, harassment or demonic affliction. Setting semantics aside, we see that Christians can be under some type of demonic force or persecution if the legal right exists (due to unforgiveness etc.). Once the legal right is removed that influence is no longer possible. A person who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior cannot be possessed by demons as they are already possessed by Jesus!



Can I bring someone to my prayer ministry session?

It is often helpful to have someone attend sessions as a support person. When selecting such a person make sure it is someone you trust completely. Sessions touch upon issues of a personal nature and you do not want just anyone to be party to the information. Discussion with your Prayer Minister about having a support person sit in on a session must occur prior to your scheduled appointment.



How do I sign up for Prayer Ministry?

If you are interested in receiving prayer ministry please complete and submit our Prayer Ministry Request form. Prayer Ministry Request Form



What is a Prayer Minister or Prayer Counselor?

Prayer ministers (sometimes also called prayer counselors) are lay persons who have received training by His Whole House, have completed mentoring and internship programs (as approved by Elijah House), and continue to apply the principles to their own personal journey through receiving prayer ministry themselves.  



How do I become a Prayer Minister?

If you wish to become a prayer minister we recommend you begin by taking the Elijah House School of Ministry Course 201. This course teaches models and provides opportunity to practice prayer ministry to fellow students according to the Word of God and in the power and sensitivity of Christ through the Holy Spirit. You also have opportunity to experience personal healing yourself!

When you complete Course 201 and continue to feel that the Lord has called you to be a prayer minister the next step would be to continue on with Course 202 and to discuss mentoring and possible internship possibilities with His Whole House staff.

His Whole House offers both Course 201 and Course 202 at different times during the year.

We also recommend the following resources which can always be found at the Elijah House USA Store: 



Bitter Root Judgments, what are they?

Bitter Root judgments usually originate in our families of origin and are often expressed in close relationships later in life. Children judge their parents and/or siblings for wounds suffered during the course of life together. When we bitterly judge the heart or motivation of another person, we plant a seed of bitter judgment in our own life which operates like a curse pronounced over ourselves. Thus, we are not only injured by the original offense, but also by our response to it. As time goes on this unconfessed sin develops into a root system in our hearts.



Inner Vows, what are they?

An inner vow is a determination set by the mind and heart. Vows we make currently also affect us, but an inner vow is one set into us as children and usually forgotten. There are good and helpful vows as well as destructive ones.

The distinctive mark of an inner vow is it resists the normal maturation process. They resist change and we do not grow out of them. Having forgotten them, we are unaware they exist or could have any effect.



What is Parental Inversion?

Parental Inversion is the term we use to describe what happens whenever one or both parents are so immature or ineffective that a child takes responsibility to parent his or her parent(s). This inverts the God-given order. Parents are to care for children, providing a safe and secure place in which the child can be free to be a child. Chores and responsibilities are good training for children, but the weight of care and responsibility for the family should rest on the parents shoulders, never on the children.



Do You Have an Internship Program?

His Whole House does have an Internship Program! We focus on healing prayer ministry and teaching Biblical principles used in the discipline. An internship is a form of experiential education that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom, with practical application and skill development in a professional work setting. It can be a great way to try out a new career.   Find out more HERE!



What is a Small Group Series?

A Small Group Series is either live or using DVD’s with interactive teachings provided in group settings. Some examples of Small Group Series we offer are: Keys to Transformation, Healing the Hearts of Our Children, Healing Trauma, Overcoming Anger, Identity & Destiny, Healing Shame... More Topics

Contact us to find out more.



Spiritual growth in Small Groups

Intimacy with God: Prayer and biblically based special interest topics are the key elements to a small group. We also commit to help one another grow in our own relationship with God through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Community with Believers: The atmosphere of a small group should encourage openness, transparency and authenticity among believers. We commit to creating an environment where people can be free to be themselves.

Influence with Others: We recognize that one of the goals of our small group is to pull others in by the principle of attraction through the Word and our testimony. This allows others to experience spiritual family, love and growth.



Spiritual family guidelines for Small Groups

Accountability: For accountability to flourish, we commit to create an environment of trust and confidentiality. Issues and struggles shared within the small group will not be shared outside the group.

Belonging: In order to create a safe place of belonging, we commit to never say anything that would embarrass or belittle other members of the small group, but instead show respect and honor for one another.

Care: A primary responsibility of community is being willing to be available to assist when another is in need. We will do our best to be available to provide care for one another.



Why should someone attend a Small Group Series?

Small groups provide opportunity to grow in relationship with Jesus Christ and to share with others in an environment where people may experience authentic community and spiritual growth.



Where is His Whole House located?

His Whole House has their central office* in Houston Texas, United States.

There are two [2] locations currently offering Prayer Ministry appointments:

- *Kingwood, Texas (Northeast region of Houston)

- Katy, Texas (West-Central region of Houston)

Stay tuned to see more locations coming soon!

The central office communicates and provides the day-to-day operations for the ministry. Clients may make appointments, request events, submit questions and register for training and internship opportunities through the central office.

Office Hours for both offices are 10:00am - 6:00pm Monday through Thursday *By Appointment Only*

Ministry Contact Information:

Phone: 281-358-5361

Mailing Address: PO Box 6801, Kingwood, TX 77325

Email: healing@hiswholehouse.org

Online Form: Connect



Do you have a Mentoring Program?

Yes! His Whole House does have a Mentoring Program.

Mentorship is relational and is based on a commitment and desire to walk alongside another person who has a bit more experience and knowledge in particular areas and can add some guidance to the processes and work of ministry. It is a learning and development partnership between someone with vast experience and someone who wants to learn more. Find out more HERE!



Is Mentoring the same as Coaching?

Not really. Mentoring is not about imparting specific skills. Mentoring id development driven. Its purpose is to develop the individual, organization or community not only for the current position, but also for the mentees future. It's more about growth for life and as a supplement for those who are seeking a deep relationship with Christ or someone who may be considering starting a ministry similar to that of His Whole House.



What is The “Net Works”

The “Net Work” literally means a group or system of interconnected people or things. At His Whole House, we believe in the Body of Christ and God call to each one to come connect with Him and one another to fulfill the work of Christ. As we are given opportunity, we encourage you to consider ways in which we can further accomplish God’s purposes through the work of relationship and sharing His work through partnerships.

Ephesians 4:16(NIV) “From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.” Learn More