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Our mission at His Whole House is to restore, reconcile, and raise up individuals, families, and people groups into their God-given design. One way that we do that is through counseling. We provide two different styles of counseling sessions: prayer ministry and family integration. Learn about both below. 



The purpose of prayer ministry is to enable a person to be set free and restored in areas of their heart to the original purpose for which they were created and gift them with the courage to become all God has meant for them. This work is not counseling, although some professionals do prayer ministry.

Prayer ministers are lay persons who have had extensive training in inner healing, deliverance, and personal spirit work by credible mentors, ministries, and internship programs. All our prayer ministers have their own personal healing stories through the work and remain accountable to mentors regarding their personal journeys. Ingredients of prayer ministry are directed under the operation and leading of the Spirit of God with prayer applied to each step of the process. 


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  • Depend on God to heal and carry the burdens of those who are hurting and broken-hearted

  • Maintain personal, God-given boundaries that protect both the minister and client.

  • Be one who listens and asks questions to help clients discover the roots that may continue to cause pain, guilt, fear, anxiety, etc.

  • Provide a safe environment allowing love, honesty, and truth to shine into the client’s world.

  • Be a person who can be trusted to provide confidentiality, an essential part of the work and relationship between the prayer minister and client.


Following an initial session, together the prayer minister and client decide on a set number of sessions. The length of a session ranges from 2 to 3 hours. Modifications in scheduling is available on request, such as 3 days of sessions consecutively done with 4/hrs. per day, this is called an Intensive.


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The Story Behind Family Integration

In Ephesians 3:1-20 the Apostle Paul demonstrates an understanding of the grace - the unique assignment and ability - God gave him to reach the Gentiles. He understood that God was working in his day and age in a new way. The mystery of Christ was being revealed like never before, and Gentiles were being brought into the family of God. As Paul bowed down and took a knee before God, he called Him, “The Father from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name.”.


At His Whole House we, too, recognize our unique assignment and ability to work with families. We call our grace “Family Integration.”

About Family Integration

Our trained prayer ministry facilitators create a safe environment for every member of the family. One by one, they are encouraged to express their perspective regarding their family’s dynamics - what is working well, what needs attention, and what they would like to see happen. 


Through Family Integration, we give focused attention to each member of the family, keeping the larger picture in mind. Our prayer ministry facilitators share areas of strength and weakness they observed, and how each individual is to be a key part of everyone becoming a cohesive and vital family system. 


As the facilitator listens carefully to each member of the family, they continuously keep the ‘big picture’ perspective with recommendations which can lead to healing and restoration. Family Integration is a great jumping off point for the whole team - no family member is left out, and each one will be acknowledged for their contribution to making the family whole.


Is Family Integration Right For You?


When someone reaches out on behalf of, or in regard to, another family member of their family, there is often much more going on than that “one thing,” or that one particular family member. In most cases, there is much more at play - with strained or broken communication dynamics included. His Whole House can given families a starting place from which to hear one another and see how patterns can impact the entire family community. We believe in the fullness of God’s design through families and welcome you to schedule a session today.

Crisis Disclaimer

His Whole House is neither an inpatient facility nor a crisis center. It does not (nor is equipped to) provide overnight or supervised care or shelter for victims of abuse, mental illness, drug/alcohol addictions, suicide, or other immediate crisis care situations.

In such cases, your local shelter, hospital, drug/alcohol rehabilitation centers, or crisis centers are appropriate choices. Find some resources HERE.

Please be advised that this website presents content to aid individuals and other ministers who serve to help those seeking inner healing. The content is for resource purposes and should not be construed as definitive therapy for an individual and is not meant to replace the therapy provided by a qualified counselor or physician.

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