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Program Overview

Leaders are surrounded by many obligations and demands in the workplace. Many struggle to know how God’s call on their lives can be leveraged together to bring the sacred and secular in today’s business environment. The Business Coaching Program teaches leaders to embrace their God-given design in the workplace arena while being spiritually sensitive to the workplace that is packed full of management issues, operational safeguards, supply constraints, and utilization demands.

As people continue to look for answers in today’s unpredictable world, Christian Business Coaches are being called upon.  The marketplace needs caring, spiritual, and compassionate people in leadership who don’t burn out because of the challenges but are building life-giving communities and can embrace the changing landscape of business.

The Coaching Program ascribes to Jesus Christ as the designer of the universe and His desire to bring the Kingdom of God into the marketplace through His people.  His Whole House uses Christian values and incorporates biblical principles into the business setting.  The program provides participants with a conduit and prayer partnership experience to address those existential issues that require a spiritual perspective, which logic and science alone will not address.

By assisting business leaders, we help to unpack a leader’s God-given resources and promote organizational consistency with God’s global plan. Delivered from a confidential and unbiased perspective, His Whole House’s Business Coaching Program assists to achieve business goals with integrity, confidence, and mission mindfulness. We are committed to remaining dedicated to helping you, as a leader to take your investment to the next level. Here’s how.     



$150/Coaching Session

1 or 2 one hour coaching sessions per month (minimum of 3 months) with the following objectives:

  1. Develop a strategic map.

  2. Create prayer initiatives related to your business priorities such as staff, finances, programs, projects, etc

  3. Receive coaching and material recommendations based on the business’ mission and vision.



$300/Coaching Session

1 or 2 one and a half-hour coaching sessions per month (minimum of 3 months) with the following objectives:

  1. Learn how your leadership talents can be used to benefit your character and the community.

  2. Learn spiritual principles to unlock business potential and growth.

  3. Access to Business Teachings or Webinars on relevant topics to build business resilience and integrity.



$500/Coaching Session

1 or 2 two hour coaching sessions per month (minimum of 3 months) with the following objectives:

  1. Learn practical ways to strengthen employees and grow resources.

  2. Receive continued access to Business teachings and Webinars library.

  3. Host a 2/hour Business Workshop at your business to further staff development, facilitated by His Whole House, Executive Director, and staff.

Interested in joining our Business Coaching Program?

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