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Has trauma struck your life dimming the joy, peace and love you once had?


You are not alone. At one point or another, we all experience deep pains that take our very breath away leaving us with more questions than answers. While it is easy to linger in the darkness of those situations and emotions, God is with us and desires for us to walk out our healing with Him as our source for everything we need.

Invite His Light is a guide and tool for survivors of any type of traumas–whether it’s yours or someone within your community. Using biblical principles, Molly shares on advanced trauma views and breaks down complex concepts into bite-sized pieces. This book is founded on author Molly McNamara’s own personal and professional story. From that experience, Molly offers you the same recovery steps she took. Now you can steep yourself in the care, comfort, and healing within the pages of this book as you invite God’s divine light into your spirit, soul, body, and heart.

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