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Molly McNamara brings over 45 years of healthcare, leadership, and first-responder experience in areas of trauma, disaster, and emergency care. Today,  Molly is an author, ordained minister, and founder and Executive Director of His Whole House. The ministry’s mission is to develop leaders to approach life issues from a holistic viewpoint using tools crafted specifically with future generations in mind. As a co-author of the 1st Youth Suicide Prevention grant awarded in Texas, Molly’s personal and professional expertise comes together with passion to impart strategies to audiences all over the world.


Building on principles of God’s design for every stage of life’s journey, Molly talks on topics and trainings, such as; Understanding the Internal Tension, Finding Your Voice, Living from the Inside Out, Suicide Awareness, Parenting in the Face of Futility, Finding Strength in Times of Grief & Loss, Finding A Place of Rest, Expressing Emotions Rightly, Learning to Love Others to Life, and her new book, Invite His Light, Healing Trauma One Step at a Time.


If you are interested in having Molly McNamara speak at your next workshop, small group, or weekend retreat, please  contact us on the connect page. Samples of online training sessions can be viewed at Teaching Fellowship Institute

Speaker Essentials

  • On-site technical support

  • Presentation options

  • Dry-erase markers & poster size post-its

  • Microphone

  • Podium

  • Opportunity to share book purchase, website plug, and service options

  • Honorarium to His Whole House

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"The benefits our staff received from Molly's presentation on the inner tensions of trauma really helps, both with our own families and ministry clients. It was riveting and l love how she wove in stories about real people's lives (including her own) and how breakthroughs can happen."

Kathy Eckhardt , Director of Operations - ECHOS

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Advanced Tools for Therapy

Advanced topics that impart keys of knowledge with expanding understanding of the truth and thereby renew the mind. We work with organizations, churches or individuals who desire is to bring a deeper level of discovery and ways to implement strategies and set direction in ministry with others or for our own advancement in God’s plan.

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Suicide does not have to happen. All of us have the potential to bring life-giving options. Long before someone considers suicide, there is a turning away from life in a variety of ways. Learning the warning signs and ways to respond may save another’s life, so whether you are at work, with family, with friends, at church, or within community groups, come join us to create a ‘safety net’.

This course follows a similar outline to Molly's online course Carry+.

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Finding Hope in the Midst of Disaster

Natural and man-made disasters and the accompanying traumatic effects is fast becoming the greatest mission field of the 21st century. Helping to find hope in the midst of the reality of this suffering and hurting people can be challenging due to the sheer number of needs.

Knowing when and how to step in, listen, or take action can be daunting, And yet, times of great tragedy can help people through their suffering and bring them closer to God. 

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Finding Your Voice

Finding your voice in times of suffering will unlock the heart and bring “Transformation that holds implicit that NOTHING in our lives is ever wasted.  The prevenient grace of God is so complete that there is no event in our lives without which we would be better off.” John Sandford – Founder of Elijah House.

One of the most important things in our lives is to have the courage to find your voice and the joy to sing the song locked within. Come find out how.

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God's Truth...




Have there been times in your life when you heard: ‘shame on you’ or ‘you should be ashamed’? Shame can keep us stuck. It inspires fear of being found out, exposed, humiliated, rejected, or abandoned. Shame can keep us from receiving God’s grace (His undeserved favor) and tempt us to say “I don’t deserve forgiveness”.

This seminar will explore more deeply the remedy for shame, which is God’s truth…as well as faith and love.

Image by Debby Hudson

Healing Hearts

Our mind and lips may say ‘it’s ok’ but our heart knows different. Whatever hurts us will register in the heart and demands a response. 

We cannot get to our heart to make it change and this fact alone guarantees our need for a Savior. Forgiveness is not for the faint hearted. Only Jesus Christ can change a heart. Learning to live out of the abundance of the heart is a key to healing issues of the heart.

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How to Feed and Care for our Spirit

Our personal spirit must be nurtured, or it will diminish in its capacity to function fully.  To the degree of the lack of nurture, the spirit will wither from starvation which is a primary cause of the spiritual sickness in the world today. 

This seminar will offer ways to support and care for the needs of the personal spirit that have not traditionally been considered “spiritual”.

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Parenting in the Face of Futility

One of the most devastating things for a parent is realizing that your child is exhibiting signs of helplessness, powerlessness, depression, thoughts of suicide, rebellion, or lost hope.


Discover healthy tools and strategies that will assist you in supporting your child and family during these difficult times.

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Grief & Loss

Grief often follows the death of a loved one, but also any loss, such as neglect (loss of love), rejection (loss of acceptance), etc. Can you identify an old loss for which you may still be grieving, or for which you never fully grieved? A loss can remain uncomforted and a person can remain stuck, unable to express or know what the source of the pain is really about.


This seminar is designed to give a refreshing look at how grieving losses can be a part of healing.

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