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In the beginning, God spoke as He created, and all of creation and humanity came to be. Frequencies and sound were likely part of the very first day of creation, as God established the blueprint and foundation for all of creation (Genesis 1). We know that on that first day, God said, "Let there be light," and there was light; and there was evening and morning on the first day. Often we overlook the impact of that first day. God was not establishing light as we think of light today, for that wasn't created until the fourth day when God created the sun, moon, and stars. God had already established light - His light. He has always had sound and frequency with Him. 


In alignment with the Kingdom of God as set forth in creation, sounds and frequencies are found all around us. Our voice is a sound signature that shares how our systems, parts, and components are tracking based on the song in our core being and the source from which we draw. Using frequencies, our voice signature releases our sound into the atmosphere. 


It's time to step up your body's performance with a unique educational tool using your voice signature. His Whole House is doing pilot research on a new program that allows for communication with the body and environment using bio-frequencies and neuroscience to enhance self-awareness and bring resilience to disease, illness, and balance to emotions alongside proper lifestyle changes.

At this point in time, we have reached the maximum amount of participants for this pilot program. Thank you to everyone who has signed up to be a part of this. We look forward to reporting our findings in September.


We are thrilled you are interested in participating in this exciting study. We look forward to journeying with you as we learn more about the ways that frequencies affect our daily lives - our emotions, our energy levels, and areas of our overall health, such as maintaining healthy weight and sleep patterns.

Dates: June 29th - August 31, 2023


What participation looks like on a weekly basis:

We will send frequency songs for you to listen to 4 times per week. You will receive your first set of songs on Thursday June 29th. You will have all weekend to listen to those songs. Monday morning you will send a completed response form and a new voice recording. Tuesday-Thursday will follow suit.

Participation will require:

  • Daily communication with our pilot program email: (please add to your contacts to ensure you receive messages)

    • Every morning, Monday through Thursday, you will send a voice recording.

    • Each evening a new email will come to you with new songs for the next day.

    • Once a week, we will send you a response form where you can report changes you experienced throughout the week. This form need to be completed and returned to us at by Monday, end of business day.

Please Note: if we do not receive your feedback and/or voice recording daily (Mon-Thurs), you will be dropped from the study


Cost: There is no purchase required for participation


Please direct all communication to:

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